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Science  19 Apr 2013:
Vol. 340, Issue 6130, pp. 382
DOI: 10.1126/science.340.6130.382-a


torchV10 is a complete desktop molecule design and 3-D SAR tool for medicinal chemists. torchV10 uses molecular fields to show the binding patterns of compounds. This protein's eye view gives clear insights into the causes of biological activity. Working with torchV10, medicinal chemists can see how to optimize the shape and electrostatic properties of their series, and rapidly identify the best next molecule to synthesize. torchV10 is a powerful molecule design and 3-D SAR tool for medicinal chemists. Use it to take leaps in compound design while maintaining or improving biological activity. Compare actives and inactives from multiple series, gathering the best from each. Employ this knowledge in the next design iteration using the in-built molecular editor for immediate feedback.


The Ingenuity iReport now supports analysis and interpretation of human isoform-level RNA sequencing data. Ingenuity iReport for Isoform-level Human RNA-Seq data enables researchers to quickly and easily identify significantly regulated isoforms, interpreting the impact of those expression changes in the context of the pathways, phenotypes, and molecular interactions. Life science researchers are rapidly adopting RNA-Seq methods for whole transcriptome analysis and identification of differentially expressed isoforms. However, data analysis and interpretation remains a challenge for researchers who find themselves faced with large, complex data sets and limited ability to generate biological insights quickly. The introduction of isoform support in iReport allows bench scientists to directly visualize and translate expression changes for individual isoforms into meaningful insights in a user-friendly, web-based analysis application.


The MetaMorph Super-Resolution System with synchronized image acquisition and processing enables analysis of object details smaller than 250 nm in fixed and live cells. The new system features real-time image processing with its GPU accelerated hardware, expanding the capabilities of optical microscopy in research and supports numerous scientific applications, from time-lapse studies to 3-D investigations. Using light microscopy alone, images of biological matter smaller than 250 nm appear blurred and, as a result, are virtually impossible to analyze. Superresolution microscopy can help to overcome the limits of light microscopy by reconstructing images at a resolution surpassing the diffraction limit of the objective lens. With novel image processing techniques, the new MetaMorph Super-Resolution System is capable of 20 nm lateral resolution in real-time. The user-friendly software guides researchers through setup, acquisition, and analysis, with a dedicated workspace in the user interface ensuring that relevant configuration and display settings are readily accessible.


The new VisionTracker database software is designed for more accurate and efficient management, tracking, and retrieval of laboratory samples. VisionTracker software provides a robust and secure database to organize and track sample information and storage location. The VisionTracker database has an intuitive graphical interface and comes preloaded with options for Thermo Scientific Cryo and 2-D barcoded storage tubes and boxes, as well as Thermo Scientific freezers, allowing quick and easy integration into any storage workflow or laboratory environment. In addition, VisionTracker is ideal for use with Thermo Scientific VisionMate 2-D barcode readers to simplify management and tracking of barcoded samples. Featuring an intuitive interface, VisionTracker software enables easy searches including sample addition, mother-to-daughter aliquoting, and sample disposition. Additional security features include audit trails of all sample data with a date/time stamp as well as password-protected access control.


The latest version (2.3.2) of the NGS Analysis software package, NextGENe, includes several additional application modules as well as customer requested tools designed to increase the quality and speed of their NGS analysis workflow. New applications included in the updated version include Copy Number Variation (CNV), HLA Analysis as well as a Somatic Mutation mining tool for use with all Next Generation Sequencing platforms including those available from Ion Torrent, Illumina, and Roche. New functions and capabilities integrated into this NextGENe software version include compatibility with the new Ion Torrent Suite 3.4 data format, ability to report annotation relative to multiple transcripts, more effective tools for the support of paired reads and removal of duplicate reads from analysis as well as many tools to increase the quality and speed of NGS sequence analysis with NextGENe software. NextGENe is a comprehensive, freestanding Windows-based analysis program for all NGS sequencing platforms.

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