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Science  16 Aug 2013:
Vol. 341, Issue 6147, pp. 803
DOI: 10.1126/science.341.6147.803-a


A new range of 1,200°muffle furnaces are now available which provide rapid and uniform heating in a compact, space-saving bench-top unit. The furnaces are available in chamber sizes ranging from 5.2 up to 20 L so there is a model that will suit the wide range of workloads typically required for most laboratory heating applications, such as quality control testing, ashing, heat treatment, preheating, melting, metallurgical research, and sample production. The inner chamber walls are constructed using insulated fire bricks which provide optimum insulation as well as protection against mechanical abrasion, thermal ageing, and deformation. A uniform temperature spread is achieved as the heating elements are located on both the sides and the top of the chamber and they are partially recessed and embedded in quartz sleeves. This, combined with a standard thickness of the inner chamber material, ensures additional protection and enhances uniform heating of the chamber.


OsteoMAX-XF is the first fully defined, xeno-free human mesenchymal stem cell differentiation medium for the differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells into osteocytes. Mineralization can be detected in less than one week, whereas competing products that contain serum require approximately 21 days to produce similar levels of bone formation. The formulation, licensed from Plasticell, produces more consistent and potent osteogenic differentiation than currently available formulations, enabling a more reproducible, efficient method for creating bone tissue and advancing research in bone disease and healing. EMD Millipore manufactures and distributes the medium globally for research purposes while Plasticell retains all rights over therapeutic applications. The OsteoMAX-XF differentiation media adds to EMD Millipore's comprehensive portfolio of mesenchymal stem cell products including primary human and rat mesenchymal stem cell lines, expansion media, antibodies, characterization kits, growth factors, and ECM proteins.


A new range of 10 x 10 cm Precast Gels which are ideally suited to all SDS-PAGE applications are now available. PAGE-PRO Precast gels provide fast run times from 45 to 75 minutes and a superior performance compared with traditional Laemmli gels. PAGE-PRO gels have a specially formulated proprietary gel matrix composition which ensures their enhanced performance and a guaranteed shelf-life of a minimum of 12 months. Available in single and gradient percentage acrylamide compositions, PAGE-PRO gels are manufactured using an automated filling technique that ensures total reproducibility between batches. They can also be used with standard Tris-MOPS, Tris-HEPES, and Tris Tricine SDS running buffers and are suitable for use with the omniPAGE mini vertical electrophoresis and blotting systems. They are available in 10- (30 μL per well) and 15-well (15 μL per well) formats and are compatible with most apparatus, including the XCell SureLock precast gel systems.


Spectroline CX-20 and CX-21 high-intensity ultraviolet (UV) viewing cabinets guarantee maximum ultraviolet irradiance and fluorescent contrast because they are designed for peak efficiency. The CX-20 and CX-21 cabinets combine separate long-wave and short-wave 8-watt UV light sources with uniquely designed specular aluminum reflectors to assure maximum intensity and exceptional fluorescent contrast. Both units have removable bottom panels so they can be easily placed over large objects or, to provide greater illumination, over a Spectroline UV transilluminator. The cabinets' housings are made of vinyl-clad aluminum for maximum durability. The flexible, contoured viewing eyepiece has a UV-absorbing window for comfort and safety. The window also eliminates "blue haze" interference and increases contrast between the fluorescent area and the background. Soft rubber curtains on both sides of the CX-20 allow easy entrance to its interior. A hinged metal door at the front of the CX-21 offers the convenience of using one hand to manipulate specimens.


The new fraction collector and sample pump are specifically designed to enhance ÄTA pure, the modular chromatography system for flexible, reliable and intuitive protein purification. Designed to handle both air and liquid, the sample pump together with the sample inlet valve, provides fast, automated, and complete loading of up to seven samples. The air-sensor integrated into the valve detects the final drop of sample, automatically preventing the introduction of air whilst ensuring the complete sample reaches the column. The sample pump also has a robust wash program that removes any air introduced between samples. In order to secure precious samples from dust and contaminants, the fraction collector is covered and it supports flexible combinations of collection vessels from deep-well plates to 250 mL bottles. In addition to spillage-free collection across the entire flow-rate range of ÄTA pure, the fraction collector has inbuilt automatic detection of collection vessel type to ensure sample security.

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