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Science  18 Oct 2013:
Vol. 342, Issue 6156, pp. 381
DOI: 10.1126/science.342.6156.381-a


The newly developed low-cost, easy-to-use HPLC Merit range is designed to provide a completely new level of ease of use, dramatically reducing the time for software familiarization. The remarkably low-cost systems are designed to be the easiest of HPLC systems to operate, at the same time offering performance of the highest specification. The fully PC controlled isocratic and binary systems with the new Merit software, provide automatic integration of chromatograph peaks without operator intervention. The Merit systems make operation easy for analysts and are excellent for screening, quality assurance, method development, teaching, and use by novices.


The DOSE IT peristaltic pump makes dispensing easy. With different application methods and different tubing, the DOSE IT can be set up to accurately and rapidly dispense into almost any labware. DOSE IT is an intuitive programmable peristaltic pump that simplifies the dispensing of cell culture media, buffers, and other solutions for volumes ranging from 0.1 mL to 999 mL. DOSE IT features a very small footprint and weighs only 3.5 Kg making it a perfect device for benchtop or in-hood dispensing applications. Programming DOSE IT is fast and easy through a multilingual user interface (English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Japanese). The instrument's pump head accommodates the use of different tubing diameters (1–8 mm) allowing a wide range of volumes to be dispensed with optimal speed and precision. A built-in print capability supports the capture of program details for record keeping and quality control. Many accessories are available to support a variety of dispensing applications.


CORTECS Columns is a new family of 1.6 µm solid-core UltraPerformance LC Columns that set a new standard in LC column performance. Available in C18, C18+, or HILIC chemistries, the columns are offered in 30 unique column configurations. CORTECS Column particles feature a solid, impermeable silica core encased in a porous silica outer layer where the interactions between the stationary phase and the analytes occur. The three CORTECS chemistries and their intended uses are: CORTECS C18 Column is a general-purpose, high-efficiency, reversed-phase column offering balanced retention of acids, bases, and neutrals at low and mid-range pH; CORTECS C18+ Column is a general-purpose reversed-phase column with a positively charged surface that delivers excellent peak shape for basic compounds at low pH; and CORTECS HILIC Column is designed for the retention of extremely polar analytes while offering orthogonal selectivity versus C18 columns.


A new online service provides organizations with easy access to next day delivery on competitively priced, high-performance microplate thermal seals. Available in a wide choice of color-coded designs, Porvair microplate thermal seals are available optimized for use with all brands of assay plates. These easy-to-use thermal seals work with all commercially available heat sealers that take precut strip seals. They are printed in five different colors and marked "This way up" to ensure easy selection of the right gauge of seal and correct positioning on the microplate. Seals are compatible with most heat sealers. Each aluminium foil microplate seal is spray-coated with an acrylic varnish that is solvent resistant and will not contaminate your samples. It also makes an excellent permanent weld seal to polystyrene and polypropylene microplates. The easily peelable foil is actually a laminate of aluminium and polyester that provides durability and strength, while remaining easy to remove.


Millitrack Compliance is a novel e-solution designed to allow regulatory compliance and optimization of laboratory performance for the company's Milli-Q Advantage and Milli-Q Integral lab water purification system users. Millitrack Compliance software is included on all new Milli-Q Advantage and Milli-Q Integral water purification systems, and can be enabled using an activation key provided by EMD Millipore. It is becoming increasingly important for lab water system users in regulated industries worldwide to comply with guidelines such as the FDA's Title 21 CFR Part 11, or similar requirements set by other global regulatory organizations. Activation of Millitrack Compliance, combined with the qualification services, will allow Milli-Q Advantage and Milli-Q Integral users to comply fully with global regulatory requirements. The built-in Millitrack Compliance e-solution is the optimal solution for companies who want to move towards a zero-paper environment where all instruments will automatically generate and store information safely.

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