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The Personal Side of Sequencing: Exploring the Role of Cancer Gene Panels and NGS in Clinical Research

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Science  18 Oct 2013:
Vol. 342, Issue 6156, pp. 381
DOI: 10.1126/science.342.6156.381-c


Genetic testing methods for cancer research play an important role detecting gene variance in disease. As researchers learn more about the mechanisms of cancer, the development of accurate and affordable technologies for effective and quick detection becomes paramount. Advances in next generation sequencing (NGS) have allowed accurate variant detection that can uncover the specific genetic mutations that may drive cancer. The application of NGS to breast cancer research has enabled the development of cost-effective, multigene sequencing panels that have advanced our understanding of the disease and may in the future translate into better diagnosis and outcomes for patients. The audience will learn about the current state of breast cancer research, how data generated by NGS gene panels target variants of interest and have been developed and used in routine laboratory research, and the broader issues of breast cancer education, awareness, and community services.