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Science  04 Apr 2014:
Vol. 344, Issue 6179, pp. 105
DOI: 10.1126/science.344.6179.105-a


Compact and easy to use, the Advanced Digital Refrigerating Circulator combines intuitive touchpad operation with automatic or user-adjustable fluid optimization and ±0.01°C temperature stability to maintain buffer solutions at optimum temperatures even under varying electrophoresis voltages. The Model AD07R-20 features a -20° to +200°C working temperature range, large 3.75" LCD display, and variable speed pressure-suction pump. This versatile circulator also incorporates a wide variety of lab- and operator-friendly features, including a rotating control head that provides a clear view of the temperature display anywhere within a 180° viewing radius, self-storing reservoir cover, and a molded composite top plate that dampens noise and remains cooler at high temperatures. Other standard features include remote temperature sensing capability as well as serial and USB connectivity. The AD07R-20 has a 7 L reservoir; other models, with reservoir sizes as large as 45 L, are also available.


The xGen Acute Myeloid Leukemia Cancer Panel v1.0 consists of 11,743 xGen Lockdown Probes, targeting over 260 clinically relevant genes that were found to be mutated in a study of 200 patients with acute myeloid leukemia (AML), and published by The Cancer Genome Atlas consortium. The AML Cancer Panel is used for enriching the genome for regions of interest before performing next generation sequencing (NGS). It can, therefore, be used to study disease occurrence and progression, and help with the development of better targeted therapies. Target enrichment enables users to focus their sequencing efforts on specific regions of the genome, providing a cost-effective and reliable alternative to whole-genome sequencing, making NGS more accessible to researchers. By including only relevant xGen Lockdown Probes, the AML Cancer Panel enables high coverage of targeted regions, with minimal GC bias.


The new ReactoMate Pilot jacketed reaction vessel offers precise control of reaction variables, a powerful direct drive overhead stirrer and excellent reaction visibility even with the vacuum jacket option. Optimized for process-scale reactions from 1L to 30 L, the ReactoMate Pilot is available packaged with a Julabo A40 Presto Circulator to ensure superb temperature management and unrivalled performance, a ReactoMate-Pilot Super Support system to support your jacketed reactor, and IKA overhead stirrer to ensure efficient reaction mixing. One of the problematic issues associated with reaction vessel set up is the cumbersome and, often dangerous, scaffolding supporting the unit. Support frames often have bars at the front and sides this can lead to problematic access to reactor and potential fracturing of glassware if exchanging vessels. The new ReactoMate-Pilot Super Support system provides a simple, straightforward and easy way to support your jacketed reactor up to 30 L in size.


A new range of animal-free and endotoxin-free growth factors and cytokines, tailored to stem cell research, is now available. Both expansion and differentiation of stem cells is highly reliant on growth factor and cytokine supplements, with the activity and purity of these recombinants being critical to successful research and clinical applications. Despite recognized limitations, E. coli and mammalian cells remain the dominant expression systems for commercial recombinant protein production. Although significant improvements in manufacture have been made, both systems present a risk of unwanted contamination from pathogens and endotoxins. The new range of animal-free and endotoxin-free growth factors and cytokines have been launched to address the growing body of evidence suggesting accepted levels of endotoxin contamination may significantly compromise stem cell maintenance and differentiation. These new recombinant growth factors and cytokines are produced in a plant-based expression system that utilizes barley seed to eliminate the risks and limitations associated with these traditional expression systems.


The Scienceware Secador Refrigerator-Ready Desiccator maintains a low-humidity environment inside a refrigerator or -20°C freezer. This new addition to the best-selling Secador desiccator family has extralong depth to maximize refrigerator/freezer space, a slide out shelf for easy access to contents, and a fold-down door with a one-handed locking latch. Desiccant is kept highly visible on a specially designed support at the top of the cabinet, while rugged, clear polycarbonate provides a chemical resistant, see-through body for full visualization of contents. Extrawide rubber feet prevent the desiccator from sliding and easily span any wire shelf spacing in refrigerators/freezers.

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