Erratum for the Report: “Mapping the Cellular Response to Small Molecules Using Chemogenomic Fitness Signatures” by A. Y. Lee, R. P. St.Onge, M. J. Proctor, I. M. Wallace, A. H. Nile, P. A. Spagnuolo, Y. Jitkova, M. Gronda, Y. Wu, M. K. Kim, K. Cheung-Ong, N. P. Torres, E. D. Spear, M. K. L. Han, U. Schlecht, S. Suresh, G. Duby, L. E. Heisler, A. Surendra, E. Fung, M. L. Urbanus, M. Gebbia, E. Lissina, M. Miranda, J. H. Chiang, A. M. Aparicio, M. Zeghouf, R. W. Davis, J. Cherfils, M. Boutry, C. A. Kaiser, C. L. Cummins, W. S. Trimble, G. W. Brown, A. D. Schimmer, V. A. Bankaitis, C. Nislow, G. D. Bader, G. Giaever

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Science  23 May 2014:
Vol. 344, Issue 6186, pp. 1255771
DOI: 10.1126/science.1255771

In the report Mapping the Cellular Response to Small Molecules Using Chemogenomic Fitness Signatures, the chemical substructures, or fragments, in Fig. 2 were represented without R groups, leading some to misinterpret them as full chemical structures. To improve clarity, the authors revised Fig. 2 by (i) illustrating the substitution sites of fragments; (ii) labeling fragments numerically for reference to supplementary materials containing details about their derivation; and (iii) representing the dominant tautomers of signature compounds. The authors also discovered an error in their fragment generation software that, when corrected, resulted in slightly fewer enriched fragments being identified. In the revised Fig. 2, they removed redundant substructures and, where applicable, illustrated larger substructures containing the enriched fragment common among signature compounds. They include a table indexing the numbered fragments in Fig. 2 to the signature small molecules (table S8) and a supplemental figure (fig. S25) highlighting the enriched fragments within those molecules. In the first sentence of the penultimate paragraph, n = 20, not 28. The authors have also corrected a graphical misprint in the structure presented in Fig. 3 where the N-N bond was rotated in error. None of these changes affects the results or conclusions of this study. The HTML and PDF versions online have been updated to reflect the revised Figs. 2 and 3 and associated figure legends and text. The supplementary materials have been revised to add the new table and figure.

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