Making business students science-savvy

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Science  30 May 2014:
Vol. 344, Issue 6187, pp. 985
DOI: 10.1126/science.344.6187.985-d

What happens when science pedagogy goes to business school? Future business leaders become knowledgeable about the latest developments in renewable-energy technology. Rodgers engaged undergraduate business management students in developing their business skills while learning about renewable-energy technologies by having them take a basic course on energy sources and prepare a “rocket pitch”—a short presentation designed to recruit investors. Rodgers also had the students research and design a new environmental technology project. The experience exposed them to primary sources and immersed them in debate about which energy source would be an ideal investment for the future. The approach, Rodgers found, prepared the business students to use scientific knowledge in their future business decisions.

J. Coll. Sci. Teach. 43, 28 (2014).

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