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Science  27 Jun 2014:
Vol. 344, Issue 6191, pp. 1526
DOI: 10.1126/science.344.6191.1526-a

Automated Tube Capper/DeCapper

The LabElite line of benchtop devices provide laboratories with flexible solutions for sample processing, tracking, and security. For manual workflows that need high-speed 2-D barcode reading of tube racks, the LabElite I.D. Reader is the ideal choice. It decodes tubes in all common 12-, 24-, 48-, 96-, and 384-tube racks including honeycomb-shaped racks. The LabElite DeCapper can decap and recap tubes in 48-cryovial or 96-microtube racks in portrait or landscape formats, one row at a time, to minimize the time tubes are open and eliminate the risk of cross-contamination. Rows can be paused for "point-of-use" manual pipetting. The all-in-one LabElite I.D. Capper combines decapping and recapping and high-speed barcode reading in one small device. The I.D. Capper includes all of the standard features and benefits of the I.D. Reader and DeCapper.

Capacitance Manometer

The a-Baratron Capacitance Manometer is an advanced high-performance, heated absolute capacitance manometer with better accuracy, higher tolerance to ambient temperature changes, and excellent repeatability. The a-Baratron manometer is internally heated to 45°C, 80°C, or 100°C, and has a pushbutton zero that allows service intervals up to four times longer than earlier models. The manometer offers full-scale measurement ranges from 0.1 Torr to 1,000 Torr (13.3 Pa to 133.3 kPa). Its all-digital architecture and advanced new sensor heating system provide long-term performance and reliability. As with previous Baratron manometers, the sensor is made from Inconel and Incoloy nickel alloys for the same superior corrosion resistance. The a-Baratron manometer can be equipped with the standard sensor or MKS' patented Etch Baffle sensor technology that greatly reduces process contamination. It can be configured for both new and existing processing systems. It operates on ±15VDC input voltage and has a standard 0–10VDC analog output signal.


eXalt is an exciting new nondestructive evaporation technology with applications such as first time crystallizations of amorphous forms, recrystallization of samples which have only a few known forms, removing a hydrate, solvent screening studies to find the most suitable conditions to take forward in development, high throughput co-crystallization screens, and studies to confirm stable isoforms. eXalt enables a wide range of solvents and multiple actives to be evaporated all at the same slow rate, and under the same conditions, giving the user unprecedented control of the crystallization process. This is achieved using a special holder which can be configured to slow the evaporation rate of each solvent, i.e., the more volatile solvents are impeded more, and some solvents such as water, need no restriction. The holder is then placed in the controlled conditions of a Genevac HT Series Evaporator which cycles the pressure over the samples to create a draw, achieving controlled, even evaporation.

Benchtop Cell Analysis System

The guava easyCyte 12 flow cytometry system provides a simple benchtop method for multicolor flow cytometry. The new platform consumes less sample, generates less waste, and is easier to maintain than traditional systems. The guava easyCyte 12 flow cytometer uses three excitation lasers to provide up to 12 simultaneous detection parameters, including 10 fluorescent colors plus forward and side scatter for size and granularity determination. Single-sample and multisample processing options are offered, and high throughput analysis is possible with robotic sample trays that automatically handle 96-well microplates and up to 10 sample tubes. The new system, capable of detecting mammalian and microbial cells and beads, offers an intuitive interface and is priced to be affordable for every laboratory budget. The new guava easyCyte cytometer offers researchers a simple, flexible option for a variety of applications, including easy identification of subpopulations in a heterogeneous sample and multiplexing cell health parameters to study cell function pathways.

Low-Temperature Control System

The DrySyn SnowStorm system enables low-temperature reactions which have traditionally been difficult�to undertake reproducibly on a small to medium scale. The DrySyn SnowStorm offers an attractive solution to laboratories undertaking low-temperature reaction chemistries. Available in a choice of configurations, the DrySyn SnowStorm system provides controlled cooling and heating for sub-ambient parallel chemistry without the need for jacketed reaction vessels or ice baths. Operating with a suitable chiller/circulator, a DrySyn SnowStorm system provides accurate, stable temperature control down to -50°C and up to +150°C. The DrySyn SnowStorm connects to an external chiller unit and holds temperatures at a set-point for as long as is required. Setting temperature ramping profiles is also possible which is important in optimization studies.

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