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Science  11 Jul 2014:
Vol. 345, Issue 6193, pp. 226
DOI: 10.1126/science.345.6193.226-a

Traceable Tissue Storage Solution

A new externally threaded 3 mL tube provides a fully traceable storage solution for tissue samples. With a unique 2-D Data Matrix code laser encrypted on the tube bottom, and large human readable code on the tube sidewall, Micronic 3 mL tissue tubes provide easy and unambiguous identification and storage of your donor and transplant samples. The unique 2-D code identifies the sample, its coordinates within a 24-tube storage rack, the particular rack and the location of the rack in your freezer. For highly accurate and reliable results, the tissue tubes are produced from medical-grade polypropylene. The tubes have a wide shallow opening enabling easy loading/removal of tissue samples using tweezers. Produced using a double injection molding process, each Micronic 3 mL tissue tube has a black code surface that cannot be separated from the tube and a transparent sidewall enabling easy visual checking of the enclosed tissue sample.

Aptamer Kits for Cell Isolation

AptoPrep cell isolation kit products combine the advantage of aptamers' specificity for target cells with the convenience of isolating/eluting a particular cell type from complex cell samples. AptoPrep cell isolation kits deliver positive isolation in as little as 30 minutes. The mild and unique cell releasing technology allows users to isolate bead- and aptamer-free cells in as little as one hour. By incorporating bifunctional aptamers labeled with FITC and biotin, the kits allow researchers to perform cell isolation and flow cytometry analyses simultaneously, further improving their productivity. Supplied as a complete kit (biotinylated aptamer, streptavidin magnetic bead, and buffers), AptoPrep cell isolation products deliver unmatched convenience, increased consistency, and reliability. AMSBIO has also introduced a new range of dye-conjugated monoclonal aptamers specifically designed to monitor protein expression by flow cytometry with high specificity by minimizing the background caused by nonspecific binding.

Flow Cytometer

The NovoCyte flow cytometer system addresses a full range of multi-parameter cellular analysis research needs with high performance at a low investment cost, making it more attainable for researchers to have benchtop flow cytometers in their labs. The system enables detection of up to fifteen parameters with enhanced sensitivity and resolution and is customizable to meet researchers' current and future needs with options to add-on at a later date. The NovoCyte flow cytometer is available with one to three laser options, exchangeable filters, multiple sampling options, and flexible analysis formats. Operation is intuitive with automated instrument maintenance functions and advanced data analysis capabilities for greater usability. Other important features enhance usability such as a fixed optical alignment, 24-bit detection dynamic range with no need for PMT voltage adjustment, accurate volumetric-based cell counting, pressure sensors to monitor fluidic status in real-time, and automatic cleaning and de-contamination processes.

EarlyTox Cell Integrity Kit

The EarlyTox Cell Integrity Kit is a fast, simple, and reliable fluorescence-based assay for detecting changes in cell viability based on permeability of outer cell membranes (cell integrity). This kit provides an integrated assay solution when combined with hardware and software for the rapid quantification of cell viability. The EarlyTox Cell Integrity Kit is based on two nuclear dyes: EarlyTox Live Red Dye is cell permeable and marks both live and dead cells, while EarlyTox Dead Green Dye is cell impermeable and stains only cells with damaged outer membranes. EarlyTox Live Red Dye is detected by using Cy5 channel (Ex622/Em645 wavelength); EarlyTox Dead Green Dye is detected by using FITC channel (Ex503/Em526nm) wavelength. The kit also contains a proprietary masking reagent to increase assay performance in a homogeneous format. Each kit enables a simple mix-and-read procedure whereby cells are incubated with reagents for 30 minutes and then transferred directly to the imaging instruments for evaluation.

High Performance Centrifuges

Combining high performance and application versatility, Avanti JXN-26 centrifuges offer laboratories an intuitive interface and advanced data management features. The instruments can be run from an Apple iOS or Android device using MobileFuge, the only mobile application available to run and manage laboratory centrifuges. Researchers and facilities managers can leverage the instrument's data management, user tracking, networking, and remote capabilities for ease-of-use and efficiency in biological sample preparation, and to meet quality control standards. Safety, logistics, and quality challenges in multiuser labs and Good Manufacturing Practice environments are met with software designed to improve daily operations across applications. Network functions enable monitoring, diagnostic e-mail, run-log archiving to network locations, and printing to network printers. Fast, efficient service and online help is available, and users can choose from nine operating languages. Scientists can create secure individual profiles and login to MobileFuge to track and manage centrifuge runs remotely.

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