25 July 2014
Vol 345, Issue 6195

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COVER A male clouded leopard (Neofelis diardi borneensis) caught by a camera trap in the lowland rainforest of Borneo. If the cataract in his right eye indicates old age, he has been fortunate. Animals from rare predators to common invertebrates are experiencing a human-caused global decline that often leads to extinction, with consequences for ecosystems and human well-being. See page 392
Photo: © Sebastian Kennerknecht/Panthera

ADDENDUM: 20 July 2014

In the caption for our "Vanishing fauna" special issue, we indicated that the male clouded leopard had a cataract in his right eye and suggested that this might be an indication of a more advanced age. The initial statement we made was based on information provided to us by the photographer, but we have since received alternative diagnoses from veterinarians who contacted us and from a veterinarian the photographer contacted once the question was raised. These experts unanimously concluded that the clouding is not in the lens (as would be the case for a cataract), but in the cornea, and that it is most likely due to a traumatic injury.