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Science  25 Jul 2014:
Vol. 345, Issue 6195, pp. 471
DOI: 10.1126/science.345.6195.471-a

Automated Liquid Handler Management

ArtelWare is a software application that is designed for use with the MVS Multichannel Verification System. ArtelWare enables MVS users to track and manage the performance of their automated liquid handlers over time. ArtelWare aggregates the standardized measurements from the MVS for all of a user's liquid handlers, providing detailed, actionable performance information, and a new level of insight for the management of these critical laboratory tools. The Artel MVS and the ArtelWare software deliver valuable benefits to a wide range of research fields. Users can quickly visualize the tip-by-tip status of any device as well as view performance over time, even across multiple labs. Action limits can either be pre-assigned or determined based on the data. ArtelWare also provides the tools to manage and optimize instrument maintenance by viewing historical information on individual device availability and reliability. With ArtelWare, automation customers can reduce time spent on false "hits," increasing overall lab productivity.

SOPs and Methods Platforms

The Thermo Scientific Lab Execution System (LES) is an all-inclusive informatics solution that gives scientists complete control over their methods and standard operating procedures (SOPs) without having to purchase, integrate, and validate software from multiple vendors. The system is web-based, built on and fully integrated with the Thermo Scientific enterprise-level lab information management system (LIMS) platform, allowing the LES functionality to be accessed from the LIMS or from any web browser. Combined with the instrument integration capabilities of Thermo Scientific Integration Manager, and the raw data storage and retrieval capabilities of the company's SDMS (Data Manager), the new LES offers customers the most comprehensive paperless lab solution available today. The LES enables lab managers and scientists across all industries to achieve full instrument integration, including managing their own methods and workflow; retrieving and archiving any kind of raw scientific data; and exporting the results across the organization in the format required by the recipient.

Sample ManagementSoftware

Mosaic 6.0 has been developed progressively over the last 12 years in response to the evermore sophisticated requirements in the management of compounds, biologicals, reagents, and standards. Mosaic supports sample supply workflows in all sizes of life science organizations in industry and academia, from multi-continent, enterprise-wide installations, to those in a single lab. The key to this flexibility is the scalable and modular software infrastructure, providing a comprehensive solution to sample management, and satisfying the need to improve throughput while maintaining sample integrity and inventory accuracy. Offering seamless integration with third-party IT infrastructure, Mosaic modules are available for: inventory tracking, ordering, and sample processing, including integration with laboratory automation. Mosaic 6.0 provides new Assay Requesting functionality, enabling sample bank operators to aggregate assay requests, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing waste. Users of Mosaic 6.0 will also benefit from improved interfaces for inventory management that enable convenient inventory search functions.

Imaging System Software

The new WITec Suite software, for WITec imaging systems, was developed to acquire and process large data volumes of large-area, high-resolution measurements, and 3-D imaging while providing speed, performance, and usability. Through the software architecture and graphical user interface an integrated and consolidated functionality is available incorporating the various techniques and measurement modes from Raman, to AFM, to SNOM, fluorescence, and luminescence. An intelligent computer resource management provides the capabilities for the generation and visualization of even large data sets. The high-speed data acquisition allows for example the measurement and recording of over 1,300 Raman spectra in only one second. Furthermore data sets including several million image pixels, each containing the information that can be generated, processed, and imaged smoothly. Another focus of WITec Suite is the improved and simplified usability. The software design provides a clear and intuitive menu guidance and an individually adjustable user.

Sample ComparisonSoftware

The latest version of GeneMarker Software now includes an integrated replicate comparison tool for use in ecology, agricultural, and clinical research. The replicate comparison tool automatically groups replicate samples within a project and provides immediate flagging to notify researchers of any discordant allele calls. The tool eliminates the time consuming manual review of replicate sample electropherograms. Linked navigation allows the researcher to immediately view the electropherograms of replicates with discordant allele calls for a streamlined workflow. There are several different scenarios where the replicate comparison tool will be useful in the laboratory, including analysis of low template DNA samples. Wildlife genotyping laboratories will benefit from the replicate comparison tool in areas such as evaluating loci for allele drop out; or to confirm putative replicates from DNA samples obtained indirectly from hair traps or dung. Users can export the concordant genotypes in a combined table, or link directly to other embedded GeneMarker software applications.

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