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Science  08 Aug 2014:
Vol. 345, Issue 6197, pp. 698
DOI: 10.1126/science.345.6197.698-a

Serological Pipets

A new series of Serological Pipets are available for cell culture applications. With clear material and sharp graduation for easy read-out, the new Serological Pipets work in complete harmony with our pipette controller the Eppendorf Easypet 3. As both the pipettes and the Easypet 3 are designed to work together, there is no risk of dripping or compromise in performance, allowing researchers to carry out their liquid handling with complete confidence. The new pipets are made from ultra-clear virgin polystyrene, complying with USP class VI plastic tests. Each pipette has a sterility assurance level 10-6. This level of safety is also ensured by the protective outer packaging, which becomes a highly convenient dispenser for the individually wrapped pipettes. In cell culture applications where accuracy and sample integrity are of the utmost importance, quality, and sterility of the equipment used are critical factors.

Oligo Delivery

As a derivative of palmitic acid, a physiologically common fatty acid, the new 5′-Palmitate-C6-CE Phosphoramidite provides scientists with an ideal approach to improve the cellular uptake and utilization of oligos. In the cell, palmitic acid is known to conjugate to proteins via cysteine residues and, in doing so, is believed to aid the movement of proteins between intracellular compartments. It is also known that improved cell delivery is achieved when an oligonucleotide is modified with palmitic acid, and that modification at the 5′-end results in more efficient uptake than modification at the 3′-end. However, until now, modification of the 5′-end of the oligo with palmitic acid has proved inefficient. For this reason, 5′-Palmitate-C6-CE Phosphoramidite was developed as a dedicated delivery reagent. When incorporated during oligo synthesis, the use of this novel palmitate modifier can result in more efficient uptake of the oligonucleotide by the cell, offering important value particularly for therapeutic applications.

ELISA Signal Amplification Kit

The new enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) amplification system, Amp'd ELISA Signal Amplification Kit, provides up to 50-fold increase in sensitivity over traditional ELISAs. The Amp'd ELISA Signal Amplification kit is designed to replace traditional alkaline phosphatase substrates with a combination substrate and amplifier system that results in greater sensitivity when compared to a classic substrate ELISA. This increase in ELISA sensitivity provides detection of lower concentrations of target in samples, which is essential for difficult-to-detect analytes and is especially critical for many analytes in early diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. This new kit can be used with all immunometric format ELISAs where greater sensitivity is needed. The assay provides the reagents to replace the last step of a conventional sandwich ELISA, with minimal modification and no additional time required for a 10-fold increase in sensitivity. The kit is available in one or five 96-well plate formats for high throughput analysis.

Immunoassay Kits

Five new immunoassay kits designed specifically for use on Gyrolab xP workstation have been released. The new, fully qualified GyroMark HT kits from EMD Millipore will enable clinical researchers and drug developers to generate valuable research data much faster than typical enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) kits. Traditional ELISAs can consume significant time, sample, and reagents. With the fully automated, walk-away system from Gyros, up to480 data points can begenerated in a run. The initial launch includes five assays for important metabolic and toxicity biomarkers, such as GLP-1, Insulin, Clusterin and KIM-1. EMD Millipore plans to release additional kits this year and is offering custom kits for companies who have specific needs or unique or novel antibodies. GyroMark HT assays provide: accuracy over a four-log dynamic range (compared with two logs for ELISAs); elimination of cross-talk and plate position artifacts; simplified sample prep (only 1:2 dilution necessary) with reduced matrix interference.

Pan-Cancer Panels

The xGen Inherited Disease and Pan-Cancer Panels have been added to the xGen AML Panel. This panel was created to combine the ease of whole exome sequencing with the low cost of panels. The xGen Pan-Cancer Panel is based on the findings of The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) network. Next generation sequencing has enabled the discovery and characterization of gene-specific mutations that have the potential to be tumorigenic, but it also implicates irrelevant genes. TGCA network have identified 127 significantly mutated genes across 12 tumor types. The Pan-Cancer Panel targets coding regions in all 127 genes. All three of the IDT NGS Panels feature xGen Lockdown Probes, which are 120mer oligonucleotides with a 5' biotin modification. Synthesized individually using the IDT Ultramer synthesis platform, Lockdown Probes incorporate the highest coupling rate currently available, 99.6%, to provide high-quality, long oligos.

Inverted Microscope

The Leica DMi1 enables cell biologists to check and document cell and tissue cultures within seconds. Its ease-of-use and efficient operation make it an excellent choice for routine laboratory work as well as for training. Combining high performance and affordability, the Leica DMi1 is equipped with LED illumination that provides constant color temperature with up to 20 years life-time. The convenient two-hour auto-off function helps reduce energy costs. For the finest visualization of cells cultured in a variety of containers, phase contrast is available in addition to brightfield illumination. The 40–50 mm or 80 mm working distance means that a wide variety of culture containers like flasks, dishes, or multiwell plates can be used on the fixed stage. An optional object guide with different kinds of holding frames is available to securely and reliably hold and move laboratory vessels during observation and documentation.

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