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Science  12 Sep 2014:
Vol. 345, Issue 6202, pp. 1373
DOI: 10.1126/science.345.6202.1373-a

Microplate Reader and Washer

The EMax Plus Microplate Reader and MultiWash+ Microplate Washer are designed for labs just starting up or looking to extend capabilities with affordable, yet reliable instrumentation that utilizes the industry-standard SoftMax Pro Microplate Data Acquisition and Analysis Software. The EMax Plus Microplate Reader measures 96-well plates and comes with eight standard filter modes to cover the entire visible range, for applications such as protein quantification, cell viability, cell proliferation, and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays. The reader includes multiple licenses to the SoftMax Pro software for endpoint and kinetic analysis of microplate data, eliminating any need to retrain lab members or compromise data analysis routines when switching between inexpensive low throughput and powerful higher throughput plate readers. The small-footprint Multiwash+ Microplate Washer quickly washes with both 96 and 384-well plates, has 20 standard wash protocols, and a simple LCD screen interface to customize speed, volume, soak time, and aspiration settings.


Benzo(a)pyrene (BP) is a widespread environmental pollutant. A highly reactive diol epoxide derivative of BP, BPDE-I, is the major electrophilic, mutagenic, and carcinogenic metabolite of BP which is covalently bonded to the DNA and protein. The formed BPDE adduct, which is a biomarker of the body's metabolic response to exposure, is associated with increased risk of lung and breast cancer. BPDE is also a frequently used biomarker of oxidative DNA damage and oxidative stress. To address this need Trevigen offers a validated HT BPDE competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) kit (4360-096-K), a fast and sensitive (5 nM BPDE-HSA) immunoassay for the detection and quantitation of BPDE adduct in plasma, serum, and cell culture supernatant samples. This assay employs a pre-coated BPDE-HSA monoclonal antibody, a labeled Biotinylated BPDE-HSA, a Strep-HRP conjugate, and chemiluminescent detection substrate to construct a high throughput assay flexible for your experimental design.

Benchtop Freeze Dryer

The AdVantage Pro is a new laboratory freeze dryer that combines development and pilot-scale capabilities in a convenient benchtop unit. The ergonomically designed AdVantage Pro features a new Intellitronics controller offering enhanced functionality and intuitive touch screen navigation. Designed for both the occasional user and freeze drying expert, the AdVantage Pro with Intellitronics simplifies freeze drying and makes the system easy to operate. One touch startup and shut down ensure that your product and freeze dryer are protected from inadvertent operational procedures. Integrated performance and leak testing ensure that your AdVantage Pro is always working optimally. An intuitive full color touch screen display provides users with at-a-glance understanding of the status of the freeze dryer and whether or not appropriate freeze drying conditions exist. Alarm alerts, delivered via e-mail, help notify the user of potential problems with the system and hence, with the product.

Blood PCR Kit

The new SureDirect Blood PCR Kit is designed for amplification of DNA directly from blood and blood derivatives, without the need for nucleic acid extraction and isolation. This kit simplifies the DNA amplification workflow and decreases turn-around time by enabling polymerase chain reaction (PCR) directly from fresh, frozen and dried blood, as well as plasma and serum from human and animal samples. The SureDirect Blood PCR Kit includes the company's latest novel inhibitor-resistant polymerase, DMSO, and positive control template and primers, providing the ability to overcome anticoagulant and blood PCR inhibition and allowing for robust DNA target amplification even in high blood concentrations. Consistent amplification of GC-rich DNA targets and long amplicons are also achieved, giving researchers greater flexibility in experimental design. In addition, direct PCR from blood minimizes DNA yield loss from extraction and reduces the potential for sample mix-up and other potential sources of variation.

Protein Assay 6-Plate Cartridge

A new, six-plate cartridge format for the Acoustic Assays enables larger protein analysis studies, with unprecedented cost efficiency. The product enhancement is designed for use on the company's proprietary ViBE instrumentation platform. The ViBE platform, paired with our non-optical Acoustic Assays, overcomes limitations of traditional methods like enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay or Western blot by providing a simple, highly sensitive method of measuring specific proteins in a complex sample, with walk-away automation. This enables fast assay development—that takes days, rather than months. Now, our new six-plate format enables even larger studies—providing up to 576 data points in one cartridge—at a cost as low as only $2 per sample well. BioScale's ViBE platform enables non-optical, acoustic protein measurement utilizing BioScale's proprietary AMMP (Acoustic Membrane MicroParticle) technology. The company's Acoustic Assays measure analyte concentration by determining changes in oscillation frequency caused by the binding of microparticles to the sensor surface.

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