26 September 2014
Vol 345, Issue 6204

About The Cover

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COVER Satellite image from NASA's Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) mission showing California's devastating loss of fresh water (in red) since 2002. In each of the past 3 years, epic drought has drained the region of more than 15 cubic kilometers of fresh water. Borsa et al. report the crustal response to much of this water loss. See page 1587 and the related Editorial on page 1543.
Image: Jay Famiglietti/NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology; and University of California, Irvine [This image is an update from what originally appeared in J. S. Famiglietti, M. Rodell, Water in the balance. Science 340, 1300–1301 (2013)]