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Science  17 Oct 2014:
Vol. 346, Issue 6207, pp. 369
DOI: 10.1126/science.346.6207.369-a

HPLC Columns

Cortecs family of columns now includes a new line of 2.7 &um;m silica-based, solid-core particle columns that set a new standard for high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) column performance. Designed for analytical scientists who need to maximize performance on their existing LC systems, Cortecs 2.7 &um;m columns run at lower pressures while delivering high efficiencies. This gives the scientist the flexibility to use longer column lengths to improve resolution or higher flow rates to speed instrument analysis times and increase throughput. Available in C18+, C18, and HILIC chemistries, the columns come in 48 unique column configurations and are fully scalable to Cortecs 1.6 &um;m columns, thus allowing separation scientists who currently run HPLC separations the ability to future-proof their laboratories and seamlessly transfer or migrate their separation to UPLC. Cortecs C18+ columns deliver excellent peak shapes for basic compounds and impart unique selectivity while being a superior low bleed, formic acid-friendly option for LC/mass spectrometry applications.

Temperature-Controlled Polarimeters

ADP600 Series high-accuracy Peltier temperature-controlled polarimeters are available with single, dual, and multiple wavelength derivatives covering the visible spectrum. The series also features measurement in the highly sensitive ultraviolet region. This capability makes the instrument particularly suited for use by scientists wishing to measure chiral compounds, and other optically active substances in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food sectors as well as for use in academic research. Integral to operational simplicity is the full color high definition touchscreen graphical user interface. A simple menu structure, featuring a METHOD system is similar to the popular wide range RFM series of Peltier-controlled refractometers commonly found across the industry. ADP600 polarimeters have an extensive interfacing capability and may be configured to operate in secure environments in accordance with FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 11 and also meet the requirements of U.S., European, and Japanese pharmacopoeia.

Compact Ozone Sterilizer

The Ozilla is a new high quality, purpose-built ozone gas generator. Measuring just 13 x 11 x 5 inches (32 x 28 x 13 cm), it will fit in most standard laboratory cell culture incubators, air incubators, cell culture hoods, polymerase chain reaction hoods, or any other environment where a sterile atmosphere is critical. Following simple operational instructions the Ozilla is able to completely eliminate airborne as well as surface contaminants and germs including bacteria, phage, and fungus. Ozone is the most powerful oxidative agent that occurs naturally. With its extra free radical oxygen molecule, ozone is able to destroy germs, viruses, and microbes that may cause surface or air contamination. Furthermore, ozone leaves no chemical residue typical of alternative detergent or synthetic cleaners, and if handled properly—by converting ozone back to oxygen molecules—it can be one of the most effective sterilizing tools.

Scientific Imaging Cameras

Three new scientific imaging cameras are now available, the EFiS, AtoR, and iRiS. Dedicated to low-light imaging applications such as fluorescence imaging, astronomy, X-ray tomography, and single molecule detection, the EFiS, AToR, and iRiS are the ideal candidates when photons are scarce or when fast temporal acquisition is required. A choice of several different software options is offered with these cameras, depending on the customer budget and application. The EFiS is a scientific frame transfer EMCCD camera with a 1004x1002 sensor size enabling optimum data resolution. The frame transfer technology adds the benefit of not requiring a mechanical shutter for ultrafast data acquisition. The AToR is a scientific interline EMCCD camera with a sensor size of 658x496 pixels. The interline transfer technology allows very short integration times without image smearing. The iRiS is a 4.2 megapixel scientific CMOS camera, with a 2048x2048 sensor size that enables a large field of view and ultimate image resolution.

Disposable Protein A Chromatography Columns

ProVance pre-packed Protein A columns are a high-performance disposable chromatography solution to help meet the growing demand for downstream purification. Single-use technology offers unparalleled flexibility while reducing risk of contamination at multi-product facilities typical of contract manufacturing organizations. Until now, there has not been a cost-effective Protein A chromatography option for single-use manufacturing facilities. ProVance columns combine Grace proprietary incompressible silica with cost-effective Protein A and disposable column hardware. The high-capacity columns can reduce operating costs by 40%–60% and are ideally suited for single-batch or single-campaign use, eliminating the need for significant cleaning validations and long-term storage. ProVance columns are available in a range of sizes for early screening and up to full-scale GMP manufacturing. Columns for use in GMP manufacturing come complete with documentation for regulatory support, shipping studies, leachables, and extractables.

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