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Science  24 Oct 2014:
Vol. 346, Issue 6208, pp. 489
DOI: 10.1126/science.346.6208.489-a

High Precision Microscope Stages

The HLD117 Linear Motor Stages bring a new level of speed and precision to microscope automation. With superior repeatability of 0.15 μm, scanning speeds of up to 300 mm per second and amazingly low-velocity ripple even at speeds down to one micron per second, the HLD117 series of stages is the highest performing stage Prior has ever produced. The innovative low profile, flat top design and ultraquiet operation make the stage especially well suited for high-end OEM and end user applications where performance matters most. The HLD117 series is compatible with Prior's NanoScan Piezo Z stages, PLW20 Well Plate Loaders and Prior's full range of sample holders making the HLD117 the most versatile high-performance stage system available on the market today.

SPE Microelution Plates

A trend in bioanalysis is moving toward methods that require higher levels of sensitivity and reproducibility with decreasing sample volumes. To meet these needs, SOLAμ solid phase extraction (SPE) microelution plates are designed to deliver robust, reproducible processing at elution volumes as low as 25 μL. In company-conducted experiments, the new SPE plates have improved sensitivity over comparable SPE products as much as 20-fold due to improved preconcentration while maintaining high levels of reproducibility. The SOLA macroporous structure is designed for robust, reproducible results with consistent sample and solvent flow through the SPE stationary phase, which can mitigate blockages caused by viscous biological samples. The low elution volumes accommodated by SOLAμ plates can provide a more efficient workflow by removing the blow-down stage of the SPE process. It offers the added benefit of more stability for molecules that are susceptible to adsorption and solvation issues.

Atomic Spectroscopy

The new NexION 350 Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer (ICP-MS) and Syngistix for ICP-MS Software, the next generation atomic spectroscopy software platform, are now available. The NexION 350 is designed to empower laboratory professionals with greater efficiency in elemental analyses, specifically delivering the most accurate characterization of nanoparticles in the market. Syngistix for ICP-MS Software is a proprietary workflow-based platform with an intuitive interface and new, automated method setup tools for faster, more efficient implementation. The NexION 350 delivers enhanced instrument uptime and productivity through several technical innovations designed to reduce background and interferences, optimize signal stability, and minimize maintenance requirements and downtime. The combination of these features enable lab professionals to run more samples per unit of time. The NexION 350's data acquisition rates of 100,000 data points per second are ideal for applications that require fast, transient signal analysis, such as nanoparticle characterization, speciation, and laser ablation.

Immersion Circulator

A new, highly economical immersion circulator is ideal for basic liquid heating applications. Suitable for use in baths as large as 20 L, LX Immersion Circulator combines simple, intuitive operation with a large digital display to deliver convenient temperature control for a variety of day-to-day laboratory applications. The compact unit has a temperature range of ambient +10°C to 98°C and ±0.07°C temperature stability. The LX Immersion Circulator features a large digital readout that displays both actual bath temperature and set point temperature simultaneously, built-in timer, single-speed pump, and heavy-duty mounting clamp that attaches securely to both flat and rounded tank walls. For added safety and ease of maintenance, the unit has a fully integrated housing that prevents direct contact with the pump and heater, yet provides quick access for inspection and cleaning. The circulator is suitable for use with DIN 12876-1 Class I nonflammable liquids and is compliant with ETL and CE safety requirements.

Cytometry Data Acquisition Software

Gallios software combines cutting-edge data acquisition tools with remarkable ease of use to increase efficiency and performance in the cell characterization and analysis workflow of core research laboratories. Researchers at all levels of experience can learn the system quickly using this next generation acquisition software for the Beckman Coulter Gallios cytometer. Users maximize productivity and data output through novel functionalities, such as the ability to set up experimental protocols offline and a Gallios simulator, which facilitates instrument training without running live experiments. The new software combines with Kaluza Analysis, a leading cytometry data analysis program, and together the packages provide a total cytometry data management solution. Kaluza for Gallios features a guided Windows-based drag-and-drop interface that is intuitive and facilitates easy creation of the right setup for accurate plot output. Visual management tools enable tracking of instrument function and experiment progress. Voltage and compensation can be quickly, accurately, and intuitively changed.

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