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Science  31 Oct 2014:
Vol. 346, Issue 6209, pp. 651
DOI: 10.1126/science.346.6209.651-a

Micro-Volume Probes

New micro-volume probes are designed for the accurate and reliable measurement of solutions in volumes as low as 150 µThe micro-volume probes are available in two variants: the 4 mm probe with a 120 mm reach and the 6 mm probe has a 180 mm reach. The specific designs of each of the probes ensure their suitability for use in test tubes and small vessels, while the small shaft diameters allow for accurate readings in sample volumes as small as 150 µnd 200 µespectively. Both probes are made from glass and can be used with any of the bench conductivity meters supplied by Jenway. The new probes are the latest addition to Jenway's extensive selection of conductivity equipment, designed to suit all kinds of laboratories and applications.

Human Heart Cell Model

Identifying potential cardiotoxicity as early as possible in the drug development process can reduce the risk of costly program failures and minimize health risks. Cytiva Plus provides a high-fidelity human heart cell model that is available in quantities compatible with screening, enabling earlier and more confident prioritization of compounds. Conveniently cryopreserved in quantities to match a range of applications, Cytiva Plus cardiomyocytes are ready-for-use in multi-electrode arrays, impedance, and high-content analysis applications for compound safety profiling. The cardiomyocytes are produced in a way that reflects native human heart cell development, without engineering techniques that could alter expression levels of relevant genes. This makes Cytiva Plus a dependable and reproducible biologically relevant cell model that supports the measurement of electrophysiological, structural, and functional cell changes, and demonstrates expected pharmacological responses to reference compounds. Cytiva Plus enables compound profiling based on multiple cardiotoxicity indications for more integrated risk assessment and mechanistic investigations.

Peroxidase Staining Systems

The ImmPRESS Excel Amplified Peroxidase Staining Systems are complete staining kits optimized for immunohistochemistry where additional sensitivity is required. These polymer based systems generate precise, sharp antigen localization in cell and tissue preparations with little to no background interference. Kit components include BLOXALL Blocking Solution to abolish endogenous peroxidase activity, a species specific amplifier antibody, ImmPRESS Excel peroxidase polymer reagent, and ImmPACT DAB Eqv substrate. Provided as ready-to-use, prediluted reagents, the kits offer added convenience to the end-user and contain sufficient reagent to stain approximately 150 sections. Current formats are for the detection of mouse or rabbit primary antibodies: ImmPRESS Excel Anti-Mouse IgG Staining Kit and ImmPRESS Excel Anti-Rabbit IgG Staining Kit.

High-Content Confocal Screening System

The Opera Phenix is a next generation, confocal, high-content screening system that enables scientists to perform the most challenging applications with greater speed and sensitivity. Scientists will benefit from the Opera Phenix system's ability to discriminate phenotypes of complex cellular models, such as primary cells and 3-D tissues, which are highly indicative of human physiology. More accurate characterization will enable scientists to gain insights into the causes of transformation of normal cells to cancerous cells, or the impact of a treatment on cancer cells. The Opera Phenix system's innovative optical design solves the challenges that many scientists have faced with traditional high-content imaging systems. The system's patented Synchony Optics design carefully controls excitation to eliminate unwanted crosstalk in the sample, resulting in better sensitivity without reducing speed. Researchers can quickly and easily turn the high-quality data into robust, quantitative results using the Harmony High-Content Imaging and Analysis Software.

Color Calibration System

Take the guesswork out of adjusting color settings on your lab equipment. Now you can calibrate your computer monitors and brightfield microscope images and know that you are seeing and evaluating colors consistently. Datacolor Chromacal Color Calibration System is an innovative new approach to standardizing color in microscopy imaging systems. The system consists of three components to establish a color profile for the microscopy system: proprietary software, color calibration, microscope slide, computer monitor, and calibration sensor. The system enables users to establish and preserve the color integrity of their digital images from transmitted, brightfield microscopy. The Chromacal software uses an image from a special calibration slide to establish a microscope system-specific color profile and applies that industry-standard profile to your specimen images. All original images are preserved. "Chromacal-ibrated" images are saved separately with amended metadata.

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