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Science  05 Dec 2014:
Vol. 346, Issue 6214, pp. 1247
DOI: 10.1126/science.346.6214.1247-a

FISH Slide Incubator

The CytoBrite Duo Slide Incubation System is a dual temperature slide heating instrument for performing FISH hybridization protocols. It consists of two independently controlled heating blocks that each hold a six-slide removable tray. After assay assembly, a slide tray is simply moved from one lower temperature heating position to a higher temperature position to perform the brief probe co-denaturation step then returned to the lower temperature position for hybridization. The snap heating and cooling of slides eliminates heat damage to cells for more reliable results. Slides are sealed with CytoBond Removable Coverslip Sealant eliminating the need for humidification.

Odor-Free Evaporator

The "odor reduction" function for the EZ-2 evaporator enables it to be placed on an open bench rather than taking up valuable fume hood space. Many solvent evaporators are routinely sited inside fume extraction hoods because residual solvent vapor, remaining in the chamber at the end of a run, can expose the operator to potentially harmful odors when the system is opened. The EZ-2's Reduce Odor function automatically adds a repeated vent and vacuum cycle to the end of a method, which purges the evaporation chamber of residual solvent vapors. Three settings are available to optimize vapor removal without releasing trapped solvent from the cold trap. Using advanced evaporation science, it has been designed specifically for productive, sample-safe solvent removal, be that concentration of samples, or complete drying. Smart evaporator software with auto-stop provides true walkaway automation—so simple and sample safe that anyone can use it with confidence.

Fraction Collection Storage

A complete storage solution for high- performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) fractions comprising 2 mL round deep- well microplates and high-integrity cap mat seals. The revolutionary design of the 2 mL deep-well plate provides scientists with a genuine 2 mL working volume in a 45 mm height plate, coupled with a choice of specially designed cap mats. These flexible, reusable cap mats prevent evaporation and allow transport and storage of samples in the 2 mL plate without the need for expensive heat seals or leaky adhesive-based seals. To ensure complete confidence in the integrity of your sealed HPLC autosampler or fraction collector samples, Porvair has included its popular, flexible pre-scored silicone cap mats with double O-ring in the package. For a limited period, Porvair Sciences is offering a free pack of 50 cap mats with each order for two or more cases of 50 x 2 mL round well plates, creating a valuable saving for your lab.

ImmPACT Vector Red

The ImmPACT Vector Red AP substrate kit has a new chromogenic enzyme formulation that produces a sharp bright red reaction product that is significantly more sensitive than traditional red alkaline phosphatase substrates. ImmPACT Vector Red precipitate is stable through standard dehydration and clearing methods that enable permanent archiving of stained tissue sections. This substrate is ideally suited as a single label or in combination with other enzyme substrates for multiple label immunohistochemistry applications. The red precipitate generated by this kit is also highly fluorescent and visible under rhodamine or similar microscope filter systems. This bright red fluorescence does not fade or photobleach like fluorescent haptens, and intensity is enhanced when permanently coverslipped. The reagents are presented in convenient dropper bottles and one kit will generate 120 mL of working solution.

Microsampling Device

The new Mitra (RUO) Microsampling Device is designed for the collection, transport, storage, and analysis of biological fluids. In seconds, the research-use-only Mitra microsampler consistently collects 10 μL of fluid while eliminating the volumetric blood hematocrit bias typically associated with the dried blood spotting technique. Mitra is used for a wide range of biological sampling applications and is offered in two formats including an automation-friendly option for high throughput environments. Based on proprietary Volumetric Absorptive Microsampling (VAMS) technology, the patent-pending Mitra (RUO) Microsampling Device is attuned to biological fluid collection needs. The design features facilitate high throughput and serial sampling, fluid draws from live hosts or tubes, and the ability to collect precise microsamples with limited training and no specialized lab equipment. Once samples are collected, the Mitra microsampler is dried, stored, and transported under ambient conditions eliminating the need for laborious and expensive processing steps and transportation needs.

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