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Science  27 Mar 2015:
Vol. 347, Issue 6229, pp. 1491
DOI: 10.1126/science.347.6229.1491-a

Stereo Microscopes

Two new compact Greenough stereo microscopes are available for educational uses, lab routines, and industrial inspections: ZEISS Stemi 305 and ZEISS Stemi 508. Users are able to observe their samples in true color, 3-D, with high contrast, and free of distortion or color fringes. ZEISS Stemi 305 offers a 5:1 zoom. The microscope is easy to use and everything is integrated: LED illumination, reflected and transmitted light illuminations, and documentation. Users choose between the phototube to have access to all ZEISS microscope cameras or the integrated 1.2 megapixel Wi-Fi camera to connect several microscopes via wireless Internet. This enables them to share images and documentation with colleagues or students. The optics and mechanics of ZEISS Stemi 508 are designed for a heavy workload. The microscope is equipped with a large 8:1 zoom and offers a 35 mm large object field. Thanks to the changeable optics, users can observe specimens up to 120 mm in size as a whole.

Aspiration Controller

BrandTech is introducing the new VACUUBRAND VHCPRO handheld fluid aspiration controller for cell and tissue culture. Its ergonomic design accommodates several different hand positions for comfortable fluid aspiration using Pasteur pipettes or pipette tips. All aspirated liquid is contained in the tubing for easy decontamination and minimizing air leakage. An optional eight-channel manifold with tip ejector is available. Supplied with the VACUUBRAND® BVC line of fluid aspiration systems, it can easily be fitted to aspiration systems from major manufacturers.

System Control Software

Unicorn 7.0 system control software has been designed for planning and controlling runs as well as analyzing results. The software controls protein purification runs as well as cell culture and preparation. Specifically designed to support the levels of collaboration required today, Unicorn 7.0 delivers a simplified user interface and enhanced features. Unicorn 7.0 provides a new evaluation module for quick insights to complex data, the ability to securely share developed methods, and an easy copy/paste function for preparation of reports. The software supports both simple and advanced tasks for both ÄKTA chromatography and ReadyToProcess WAVE 25 bioreactor systems. Fully scalable, the Unicorn platform is suitable for use within small-scale research all the way to full-scale manufacturing. Unicorn 7.0 offers the following features: easy-to-use intuitive interface to get started quickly with minimal training; secure data handling in a robust database; enhanced efficiency with network setup and collaborative features; and quick evaluation of results through single-click operations.

Remote Access Blot and Gel Imager

The new T:Genius imaging system allows high-performance, walk-away imaging of gels and blots on a smartphone or tablet. What makes the new T:Genius outperform other commercial imagers is the amazing ability to quickly and easily access stunning quality images anywhere from a tablet, computer, or smartphone. Using the T:Genius' StatusLink feature, researchers can stay updated and even share image results with colleagues in labs around the world. This is a great time saver when, for instance, scientists are developing a long exposure chemi blot and want to see how it's doing while having lunch or busying themselves with something else in the lab. The new T:Genius is both stylish and practical, comes in a choice of exciting colors and features a fantastic, sensitive camera that will give high-res images of even the biggest gels and blots as well as tricky applications such as stain-free protein gel imaging.

GPC Column

The SecurityGuard family of products has been extended to include a cartridge-based system that protects any nonaqueous gel permeation chromatography (GPC) column. The cartridge system replaces traditional guard columns, offering a more convenient and cost-effective system for protecting expensive GPC columns from the damaging effects of contaminants and microparticulates. The unique cartridge design enables the user to visually inspect the surface of the column's packing material at any time and monitor contaminant buildup. The visual inspection allows for cartridge changes at the right time to maintain optimal column protection and performance. This is the only guard cartridge system on the market for GPC columns and it offers many advantages over traditional guard columns. SecurityGuard is compatible with any manufacturer's GPC column of any particle or pore size. The SecurityGuard is easy to use and connects directly into the column without the use of additional fittings that can decrease column performance.

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