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Science  24 Apr 2015:
Vol. 348, Issue 6233, pp. 461
DOI: 10.1126/science.348.6233.461-a

Lab Control Software

AVA Software is a major step-change in lab control software to enable scientists to work smarter and complete projects faster. AVA is very easy to use and can control and log data from a variety of manufacturer's laboratory equipment. It offers four software levels to suit the application and budget, from controlling a single stirring hotplate up to a multi-device jacketed reaction system. Scientists can use AVA to control a wide range of laboratory devices, including stirring hotplates, overhead stirrers, circulators, balances, pumps, pH meters, vacuum pumps, gas flow controllers, and temperature sensors; to eliminate time-consuming, manual data recording; to "track and repeat" experiments easily and accurately; to define safety limits and alarms for safe unattended operation; to visualize results for rapid analysis and reporting; to link devices for dual control, e.g., pump and balance for mass additions; and to control up to four experiments in parallel.

NMR Analysis Software

InsightMR software is designed for online NMR analysis of chemical processes. For the first time, a software platform enables the adjustment of experimental parameters based on real-time data during the analysis of chemical processes by NMR spectroscopy. InsightMR's user-friendly interface allows both expert and non-expert users to set up, monitor, and adjust key experimental parameters. As a result the software is the ideal solution for both industrial and academic scientists studying and optimizing organic reactions. Online NMR is a groundbreaking approach to reaction understanding and chemical process monitoring. InsightMR makes NMR accessible to users in a range of application areas, including synthetic organic chemistry, process chemistry, and process analytical technology. InsightMR provides a complete workflow from data acquisition to project report with the ability to export data in multiple formats for additional processing. The software seamlessly integrates with Bruker spectrometers providing a turnkey solution to investigate chemical reaction mechanisms and optimize reaction processes by NMR.

NGS Analysis Software

The newest version of NextGENe provides a no-scripting, point-and-click analysis of next generation sequencing from all Illumina and Ion sequencing platforms. The latest version of the software includes a wide-ranging number of both application additions as well as program enhancements. New applications to this version of the software are: a new Somatic Mutation Comparison Tool, which has been shown to reduce false positives when performing somatic mutation analysis by up to 70%; a HLA analysis module, which matches sample reads to a dictionary reference file with allele-specific sequences for the targeted HLA genes; and an enhanced copy-number variation analysis module that now accepts multiple controls. In addition to the above applications, the software now includes a User Management Module, which password protects unauthorized access to the software and provides parallel processing of multiple analyses, delivering up to an eightfold increase in processing speed.

Liquid Handling Software

With CyBio Overture, switching from manual to automated pipetting is easier than ever before. This is made possible via the protocol designer, which has an intuitive user interface based on a detailed representation of the liquid handling robot and all of the required sample carriers and accessories. Along with the liquid handling and workflows, the software also controls additional critical functions. This includes laboratory and equipment settings, the calculation of reaction mixtures, dead volumes, and well contents. CyBio Overture is able to calculate reaction mixtures and spare the user work that is both time-consuming and prone to error. The results are then automatically applied to the workflow. Using color coding, both the wells and the corresponding pipetting instructions can be recognized quickly. This makes the workflows easier to follow. CyBio Overture is able to analyze well contents rapidly as well.

LIM System

LabWare's unique Enterprise Laboratory Platform brings together the capabilities of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) and Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELNs) in a single comprehensive solution. LabWare 7 is the most adaptable and functionally complete LIMS system available and offers a proven solution for any size laboratory. The Enterprise Laboratory Platform is scalable to suit every size organization and LabWare's customers range from single site, single user to global organizations with over 100 sites and thousands of users. LabWare 7 and LabWare ELN may also be implemented independently, integrated into your organization's existing software ecosystem. Some of the significant features of LabWare 7 include: functional enhancements with more than 500 new capabilities now added to the system's already robust functional footprint, a new interactive dynamic user interface, and a new LabWare Design Studio which enables the creation and management of Dynamic Visual Workflows and Dashboards without the need for programming skills.

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