Experimental evidence for hillslope control of landscape scale

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Science  03 Jul 2015:
Vol. 349, Issue 6243, pp. 51-53
DOI: 10.1126/science.aab0017
  • Fig. 1 Characteristic morphology of eroding landscapes.

    Photographs of eroding landscapes. (A) Painted Hills unit of John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, Oregon. (B) Gabilan Mesa, California. (C) Laboratory landscape from this study with no hillslope diffusion, and associated plots of local slope versus drainage area, calculated with steepest descent algorithm (D to F). Pictures in (A) and (C) taken by the author (K.E.S.); (B) from Google Earth. Topographic data to generate slope-area plots from (D) field surveys; (E) Lidar data from National Center for Airborne Laser Mapping; and (F) this study. Gray vertical bars in (D) to (F) demarcate the inferred hillslope-valley transition (34).

  • Fig. 2 Experimental setup.

    (A) Schematic profile of experimental apparatus (XLM). Line arrows show direction of sediment movement. (B) Photograph of misting ring and drip box looking from below. (C) Photograph of sediment surface during 100% drip run.

  • Fig. 3 Steady-state topography and hillslope morphology.

    (A to E) Hillshades of experimental topography for (A) 0% drip, (B) 18% drip, (C) 33% drip, (D) 66% drip, and (E) 100% drip overlain with channel networks (blue) and locations of hillslope profiles (red). Topography is 475.5 mm wide in planview. (F) Elevation profiles of hillslopes marked by red lines in (A) to (E). Vertical and horizontal length scales are equal.

  • Fig. 4 Effect of landscape Péclet number on landscape scale.

    Landscape Péclet number for each experiment (circle, 0% drip; square, 18% drip; diamond, 33% drip; triangle, 66% drip; plus sign, 100% drip) versus drainage density of GeoNet-derived drainage networks.

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  • Experimental evidence for hillslope control of landscape scale

    K. E. Sweeney, J. J. Roering, C. Ellis

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