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Averting a North American biodiversity crisis

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Science  31 Jul 2015:
Vol. 349, Issue 6247, pp. 481-482
DOI: 10.1126/science.aab1052
  • Mapping the threat of Bsal to North American salamanders.

    (A) Bsal habitat suitability model based on 133 carrier occurrences and six bioclimatic variables. (B) Salamander species-richness map. (C) Salamander Bsal vulnerability model. Major ports (black squares) for salamander imports follow the table (22). Port 6 represents Mexico City.

  • Imported salamanders were considered a Bsal threat if they have native ranges in Asia or were in shipments that passed through Asian ports before entering the United States. Those not considered a Bsal threat are not native to Asia and never passed through an Asian port before entering the United States. All values are number of salamanders (22).

  • Averting a North American biodiversity crisis

    Tiffany A. Yap, Michelle S. Koo, Richard F. Ambrose, David B. Wake, Vance T. Vredenburg

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    • Materials and Methods
    • Fig. S1
    • Table S1 and Table S3 Key
    • References
    Table S2
    Bsal carriers_random points
    Table S3
    Trade data
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