Editorial expression of concern

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Science  18 Dec 2015:
Vol. 350, Issue 6267, pp. 1482
DOI: 10.1126/science.aae0548

In the 29 May 2015 issue, Science published the Research Article “The protein LEM promotes CD8+ T cell immunity through effects on mitochondrial respiration” by I. Okoye et al. (1). On 23 October 2015, Science published a Correction to two of the figures in the Okoye et al. paper (2). An investigation into potential errors in the paper is being undertaken by Imperial College London, UK. In light of the continuing investigation, Science is publishing this Editorial Expression of Concern to alert our readers to the fact that questions have been raised about the validity of findings in the Okoye et al. paper.

  • Published online 10 December 2015; 10.1126/science.aae0548


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