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Science  15 Apr 2016:
Vol. 352, Issue 6283, pp. 371
DOI: 10.1126/science.352.6283.371

Gel Imager

The Bio-1000F is an innovative, user-friendly, and cost-effective device that integrates image capture, gel preview, and gel extraction essential for routine nucleic acid gel electrophoresis. With the combination of a high-sensitivity charge-coupled device (CCD) system and blue-light emitting diode (LED) illuminators, the Bio-1000F is compatible with all ethidium bromide (EtBr)-alternative fluorescent stains, and provides publication-quality images up to 0.04 ng per band, significantly enhancing fluorescent signal expression over other gel documentation systems that depend on ultraviolet and blue-LED light sources. Thanks to its removable filter plate and intuitive MiBioFluo software interface, users can visualize banding patterns and conduct gel extraction directly on the Bio-1000F without moving between the transilluminator and gel imager. The Bio-1000F's compact design enables it to fit in crowded laboratory spaces. The Bio-1000F features an integrated, environment-friendly, and ultrasensitive gel imager for researchers dedicated to improving laboratory safety and the efficiency of gel electrophoresis.

Gas Sorption Analyzers

Hiden Isochema's new MultiPort inlet selector is now available for the manufacturer's intelligent gravimetric analyzer (IGA) and XEMIS series gas sorption analyzers. The MultiPort expands the number of gases that can be simultaneously connected and the level of automation available. There are connections for up to 12 gas species, and control is integrated within Hiden Isochema's HIsorp.NET software suite. The MultiPort not only allows the user to determine consecutive gravimetric sorption isotherms with more species at one or more gas temperatures, but also offers the user full control of the inlet for advanced method development. The MultiPort inlet selector also provides an affordable solution for increasing the level of automation of existing IGA or XEMIS gas sorption analyzers as part of an in-the-field upgrade package.

Filtration System

The SARTOFLOW Smart is a smart and easy benchtop crossflow system for optimized ultra- and diafiltration applications. It can ideally be used in many downstream processes, such as purification of vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, and recombinant proteins. The system is suitable for flexible use in laboratory environments for process development and clinical trials as well as for current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) environments. The new system is equipped with a low-shear, four-piston membrane pump enabling the highest product yields. The pump also provides a wide range of flow rates, allowing the user to choose between membrane surface areas from 50 cm² up to 0.14 m². The crossflow system is supplied with Sartorius Stedim Biotech's intuitive and easy-to-use DCU-4 control unit, which when combined with the company's BioPAT SCADA MFCS-4 software, provides data logging and export. Its touchscreen offers instant access to all critical process parameters and displays control and alarm functions.

3D X-Ray Microscope

The new Zeiss FPX flat panel extension for the Zeiss Xradia Versa 500 series of 3D X-ray microscopes (XRMs) delivers large-sample, high-throughput scanning with best-in-class image quality. Combined with the high resolution of the Xradia Versa XRMs, the new Zeiss FPX enhances imaging flexibility and creates workflow efficiencies with an all-in-one system for industrial development and academic research. The Xradia Versa with FPX enables engineers, developers, and researchers to scout large samples two to five times faster to identify a region of interest (ROI), and then zoom to image areas at high resolution with the exclusive Zeiss Xradia Versa RaaD dual magnification microscope objectives, which enable resolution at a distance. The Zeiss FPX extends the ability of the Xradia Versa XRM to achieve full-field-of-view, whole-sample imaging up to five inches in diameter.

Protein Gel Casting

Researchers can now access a device that enables reliable, leak-free custom development of protein gels for electrophoresis. Developed for simplicity and intuitively designed, the SureCast Gel Handcast System also helps to save time, money, and precious samples. While precast gels for separating proteins are popular among researchers, handcasting polyacrylamide gels continues to be the favored method used by labs around the world. But leakage and the loss of precious samples are recurring issues with many systems on the market. One main advantage of the SureCast Gel Handcast System is its ultradurable glass plates, which are more than 3 times thicker and up to 20 times more durable than currently available glass plates. A single-motion, load-and-lock system also creates a securely sealed assembly for confident protein gel casting.

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