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Science  22 Apr 2016:
Vol. 352, Issue 6284, pp. 478
DOI: 10.1126/science.352.6284.478-a

High-Content Cellular Analysis

The iQue Screener PLUS platform is an integrated instrument, software, and reagent system that enhances the screening workflow from sample preparation to results. It enables rapid, high-content, multiplexed analysis of cells and beads in suspension in 96-, 384-, and 1,536-well plates. The system's patented sample delivery system enables rapid plate processing (less than five minutes for 96 wells), and assays can be miniaturized to conserve precious sample and reduce reagent use. Software-assisted automation, analysis, and experiment-level visualization tools reveal deep insight into complex biology through an easy-to-use, intuitive interface. The iQue Screener PLUS expands choice and flexibility, adding a 405-nm violet laser to the blue (488-nm) and red (640-nm) lasers, along with 15 detection channels, including 13 fluorescence and 2 scatter detectors, which provide richer content through higher-order multiplexing. The expanded range of dyes and fluorochromes for the violet laser adds flexibility and enhanced performance, with lower spectral overlap, increased brightness, better signal-to-noise ratio, and broader applicability.

Cell Thawing Platform

The ThawSTAR automated cell thawing technology platform now accommodates rapidly developing industries such as cell therapy, which are bringing products to the clinic in a variety of formats. Two thawing systems for 1.5-mL cryogenic vials and 6-mL AT-Closed Vials have been released from Aseptic Technologies, S.A., accelerating the development of an automated platform to thaw cryopreservation bags commonly used to store and deliver larger-volume cell-based therapeutics. The proprietary ThawSTAR thawing system utilizes an adaptive, load-sensing technology that senses the initial starting temperature and phase change initiation, and customizes the thaw for each vial, ensuring consistent and reproducible endpoints. Vials can be inserted directly from liquid nitrogen storage (below –150°C) or from dry ice or ultra-low freezer storage (–80°C).

Automated Incubator

High-capacity cell growth and assay incubation laboratories now have access to a new automated incubation and storage incubator, designed to provide fast plate access and a wide temperature range for application flexibility. The Thermo Scientific Cytomat 10 C450 provides plate access in less than 10 seconds, enabling culturists to access their cells faster, leading to increased productivity. Its flexible design ensures easy integration into existing lab space, while the fully integrated thermal decontamination routine and humidity control decrease the risk of contamination and assay variability. The Cytomat 10 C450 covers a temperature range of 4°C to 50°C to allow application flexibility, and is the next incubator in the series to provide fast plate access through the new plate shuttle technology. The new incubator adopts the ContraCon automated thermal decontamination routine, from the stand-alone HeraCell incubator portfolio. In addition, the integrated HydraSmart technology features an external water tank for easy refill and provides excellent humidity control.

Automated Cell Culture System

The new SelecT Mk5 automated cell culture system is designed for the routine production of high-quality complex cell lines. The new SelecT system has been extensively redesigned to upgrade its flask-handling and pipetting capabilities, and now comes with an integrated Vi-CELL Cell Viability Analyzer and a new Low Volume Reagent Dispensing module. The SelecT Mk5 system makes an ideal choice for scientists looking for an established method of continuous, unattended large-scale culturing of reproducible assay-ready multiwell plates, and can also support the maintenance and expansion of cell lines requiring more complex handling, such as stem cells. The Vi-CELL was chosen for the new SelecT system because the technology adapts well to the online automated measurement of cell viability and cell number required by SelecT. With the integrated Vi-CELL analyzer, scientists can review numerical and image data in real time while also having access to additional cell culture data provided by the SelecT system.

Automated Tube DeCapper

The LabElite AutoSwap adds new functionality to the LabElite automated tube DeCapper. The new AutoSwap enables fast and easy switching of labware-specific DeCapper adapters on the fly without manual intervention, allowing workflows to proceed with different types of tubes. The AutoSwap switches between any two sets of Hamilton adapters, which include options compatible with tubes from all major manufacturers, in 96- or 48-well formats. The new AutoSwap can also be used in integrated robotic workflows for walkaway automation involving multiple tube types. The LabElite AutoSwap is ideal for any lab dealing with sample storage, retrieval, and processing, such as those found in biobanking, compound management, or forensics settings. Automated decapping saves time and limits the risk of contamination by minimizing the amount of time a tube is open.

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