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Science  08 Jul 2016:
Vol. 353, Issue 6295, pp. 185
DOI: 10.1126/science.353.6295.185

Electronic Pipettes

Gilson has redesigned and expanded the range of its easy-to-use, PIPETMAN M line of single and multichannel electronic pipettes. The pipettes now include guaranteed performance in repetitive pipetting mode and a programmable custom mode, enhancing results reliability. For sensitive biological assays like qPCR, repeatable results depend on accurate, precise pipetting, but until now most pipettes have promised performance in only one standard pipetting mode for both standard and repetitive tasks. Gilson now guarantees reliable performance from the first to the last aliquot. Five pipetting mode options enable researchers to perform a large number of applications: pipet (standard), repetitive, mix, reverse, and custom (personalized), with a fast access menu to all the modes plus intuitive navigation. The new personalized pipetting mode lets researchers create their own multistep pipetting protocols, which can be executed automatically using the simple PIPETMAN M software interface.


The new Metrohm 917 Karl Fischer Coulometer is a compact, stand-alone coulometer offering several unique features that make it ideal for fast, precise determination of low-level water content. A vivid touchscreen display, simple method recall, and an integrated pump combined with reagent and sample handling make the 917 compact coulometer the fastest, most convenient solution for routine moisture analysis. The 917 is intelligent, automatically recognizing when a sample has been injected and starting the titration without a prompt. The 917's operation is further simplified with automatic sample-weight transfer from a laboratory balance, and laboratory information management system compatibility. Quick access to frequently used methods allows titration to begin with a single touch on the high-resolution color touchscreen. Furthermore, the 917 is compact, requiring only 8 in. of linear bench space. The coulometer can be connected to an oven for thermal sample preparation, enabling it to support the broadest range of sample types.

Liquid Nitrogen Generator

The Asynt CryoSyn is a unique, on- demand liquid nitrogen (LN2) and nitrogen gas generator (available in 10-L, 20-L, 40-L, 60-L, and 120-L capacity models) for industrial, medical, food and agricultural, biological, and general laboratory applications. CryoSyn eliminates the need for storage and transportation of LN2, thereby making its use more convenient, reducing running costs, and eliminating traditional evaporation/contamination problems. The CryoSyn control system gives operators all the information necessary to ensure an efficient and consistent supply of LN2 and nitrogen gas. Designed to ensure high operational safety, the CryoSyn operates automatically and provides information on nitrogen flow, trend graphs, service alarms, and records. Operating off a single-phase electrical supply, the 10-L, 20-L, and 40-L CryoSyn units are fully mobile and fit through a standard doorway, enabling easy transport between locations. CryoSyn offers a typical return of investment in less than two years.


The RFM-T Series of high-precision Peltier temperature-controlled benchtop refractometers features a wide measuring range of up to 1.70 RI (refractive index), precision to six decimal places RI (three decimal places °Brix), and an all-new, 7-in. touchscreen user interface. The RFM-Ts are ideally suited for quality control applications within the food and beverage, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, flavor, and fragrance industries as well as in academic research. There are currently five models, each addressing a particular application. RFM900-T models cover the widest of measurement ranges and incorporate a Kalrez prism gasket to protect the instruments from the harsh chemicals at the upper end of their refractive index range. RFM300-T models are specifically designed for the food and beverage sector and feature a very flat prism dish for easy cleaning between viscous samples. The touchscreen and graphic user interface help the operator quickly navigate through the menus. On-screen graphical prompts support method loading, calibration, and routine maintenance.

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