Can you feel what I feel?

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Science  23 Sep 2016:
Vol. 353, Issue 6306, pp. 1378-1379
DOI: 10.1126/science.353.6306.1378-g

By combining tactile sensations of hardness, ductility, shape, and surface texture, and then comparing these with our previous experiences, it is possible to safely grasp a random object placed in our hands without needing to see it. However, most robotic systems still lack this combination of abilities. Rather than focusing on better hardware, Sommer and Billard developed a control strategy for prioritizing the movement of individual digits and feedback from sensors, while limiting the applied force and remaining within the limits of joint movement. This makes it possible to construct a multitouch hand that can adaptively grasp an object at several points at once and probe with some digits while gently holding an object with the others.


Rob. Auton. Syst. 10.1016/j.robot.2016.08.007 (2016).

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