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Jilted again, Venus scientists pine for their neglected planet

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Science  13 Jan 2017:
Vol. 355, Issue 6321, pp. 116-117
DOI: 10.1126/science.355.6321.116

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  • As Venus is, Earth will become.
    • Les Porter, Retired from Mundane Fed Science, Ranching, Retired from USGS

    Young cold sun? Use whatever and whichever solar genesis model you want, Venus NEVER was cold enough to bear water in liquid splashy form for as much as a terrestrial year on its surface. (Maybe that is too strong a statement; see Comets below.)

    To get a credible Venus Probe for the funds available for any such visit, PI's might want to really explain which of the best solar genesis models they are using or investigating. A lander that could survive more than a couple of hours on the surface after a warm descent probably costs outside the budget. Yeah, we all love pure science, there are questions, answers to which might change our religions or assumptions --like "reality is knowable" or the Sun was really cool when nuclear ignition occurred and burned cool for far longer than is credible or possible with current nuclear physics understanding; things that affect our species faith in knowledge and tools we use to discover "real" knowledge.

    How hot was the Sun in the first 50 my to shine upon Venus? Even if you "believe" in a cool Sun model, find one that abides water for centuries on the surface or longer or a really low watts/square meter at Venus's distance from the Sun.

    I would sure like to see a proposal for credible Venus probe that could be inflated to float as a balloon high in to Venusian atmosphere for a single atmosphere rotation. I might even support such a well-designed and potentially worka...

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