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Science  03 Feb 2017:
Vol. 355, Issue 6324, pp. 535
DOI: 10.1126/science.355.6324.535

Bluetooth Thermometer- Hygrometer

Remote monitoring and logging of critical environmental data in rooms or cham-bers is now possible with H-B Instrument DURAC Bluetooth Thermometer-Hygrometers. These units record up to 30 days of temperature and humidity, or temperature data only, and transmit the information wirelessly. Readings can be broadcast to any Apple or Android smartphone or device with Bluetooth 4.0 or better at distances up to approximately 40 m, utilizing the free THERMSmart app. Hourly data is recorded for up to 7 days, then maximum and minimum temperatures (model B60911-0100) or temperature and humidity data (model B61506-5100) are recorded for the next 23 days. An alarm will sound if the temperature falls outside the set parameters. Records are viewable as a chart, a graph, or on a calendar, and readings from up to six data loggers can be plotted on one graph for direct comparison.

Sample Purification System

A new sample purification system automates the isolation of target nucleic acids and proteins for biopharma, biotech, and research projects in high-throughput laboratories. The Thermo Scientific KingFisher Presto system is designed to be part of an automated workflow using a liquid handler with a gripper or robot arm to purify samples with volumes from 50 µL to 5 mL. Stackable, polypropylene KingFisher plates and tip combs are designed to be placed by a robotic arm and are suitable for many biological applications, including projects requiring a sterile environment. The system allows users to choose between 24- and 96-head magnets, depending on volume and throughput requirements. Thermo Scientific BindIt software accompanies the system for protocol development, allowing users to import protocols for Invitrogen and Applied Biosystems kits.

Wearable Eye Tracker

The Tobii Pro Glasses 2 Analyzer is the world's smallest, most natural, and easy-to-use wearable eye tracker. The real-world mapping tool integrated into the Pro Glasses 2 dramatically reduces the time needed to analyze data. The eye-tracking data can be synchronized with other biometric data streams (e.g., electroencephalographs, near-infrared spectroscopy, skin conductance, motion detection, respiration rate, and heart rate). Our design team created the ultra-lightweight and unobtrusive head unit to ensure that test persons feel comfortable and act naturally anywhere. The head unit weighs only 45 g. Live View allows researchers to see exactly what a person is looking at both wirelessly and in real time, thus gaining immediate and actionable insights.

Somatic Variant Assessment Software

Cartagenia Bench Lab 5.0 is designed to help laboratories involved in clinical genetics and molecular pathology efficiently interpret and report on genomic variants. The software enables clinical geneticists and molecular pathologists to combine single nucleotide polymorphisms, small insertions and deletions, and copy number variations into one seamless analysis. Curation tools allow them to review variants, collaboratively build evidence, and securely share it with their peers and data-sharing communities. The system provides direct access to more than 100 curated and publicly available databases, with information on actionable variants, trials, drugs, and therapy options such as CIViC, COSMIC, N-of-One, OncoMD, and CollabRx. By accessing tumor-type ontology and variant information from these databases, labs can efficiently implement their standard operating procedure to more effectively filter variants and access knowledge based on the tumor's tissue type.

Compound Library

Scientists can now benefit from immediate access to Selcia's 1,366- fragment collection, which has been designed in collaboration with Cambridge MedChem Consulting. The collection contains a structurally diverse range of compounds consisting of both commercial and noncommercial custom-synthesized fragments. All compounds have been put through a stringent quality control process to ensure chemical attractiveness and stability. Customers can order ready-to-use, single-use sets for rapid dispatch through BioAscent's new online Compound Cloud service. Compound Cloud promises to significantly enhance early-stage drug discovery by enabling easy online selection and ordering of an assortment of protocol–free, high-quality chemicals for screening, including an increasing number of third-party collections. By removing the need for organizations to expend resources in developing or acquiring compound collections, Compound Cloud makes screening highly cost- and time-efficient.

Personal Pipetting Assistant

VIAFLO ASSIST automates Integra's VIAFLO II electronic pipettes to prevent users from repetitive strain injuries and to increase the reproducibility of prolonged pipetting protocols such as serial dilutions, plate fillings, and reagent additions. Menus and settings can be accessed simply by moving a finger over the touch wheel. The pipette and VIAFLO ASSIST are connected via Bluetooth, supporting convenient, wireless connectivity. Any VIAFLO II multichannel pipette can be mounted; pipettes are available in 8-, 12-, and 16-channel models, covering a volume range of 0.5  µL–1,250 µL. Researchers can use 6-well to 384-well plates in either landscape or portrait orientation. The instrument accommodates reagent reservoirs of three different volumes: 10 mL, 25 mL, and 100 mL. Its small footprint and light weight make it easy to relocate anytime and to use in a laminar flow cabinet.

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