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Science  21 Apr 2017:
Vol. 356, Issue 6335, pp. 334
DOI: 10.1126/science.356.6335.334

Dry Down Station

The Mistral is a robot-compatible, nitrogen dry down evaporator offering a plate shuttle that can serve and retrieve plates from the decks of Perkin Elmer, Tecan, Hamilton, and Beckman liquid handlers. With an adapted sample platform, the automation-friendly evaporator can remove solvent from a variety of sample formats, including 24- to 384-well deep- and shallow-well plates; vials; and test tubes up to 100 mm high. The Mistral uses warm nitrogen gas blown down into the microplate wells, vials, or tubes, just above the liquid level. This enables equilibrium to be reached more quickly, leading to faster, sample-safe drying. Installation requires only connection to a gas supply and main electricity. The unit fits into all fume cupboards and boasts full integral fume management.

Heating Blocks

Asynt's DrySyn heating block range enables scientists to conduct precisely controlled heated/stirred experiments in 3-dr vials, 20-mL scintillation vials, and 2-mL HPLC sample vials. The multiposition blocks, when combined with a DrySyn base unit, allow up to 27 experiments to be performed in parallel. DrySyn heating blocks enable clean, safe synthesis without the hazards or problems associated with silicon oil baths or heating mantles. Made of chemically resistant, anodized aluminum, they offer excellent performance to over 300°C, and can heat a reaction 25% faster than is possible with an oil bath. With no messy oil, heat-resistant handles, and the most comprehensive range of easy-to-configure reaction inserts (for round-bottom flasks, pear-shaped flasks, boiling tubes, nuclear magnetic resonance tubes, and vials), DrySyn is the heating system of choice for thousands of labs around the world.

Bottletop Dispensers

Dispensette S bottletop dispensers bring more safety and convenience to laboratory liquid dispensing than all previous models. These instruments have advanced features such as improved safety valves, faster priming, easier volume selection, and even lower operating forces. Their "floating-piston" design forms a zero-wear sealing system with outstanding sliding properties. An olive-shaped filling valve allows for firmer attachment of filling tubes. Optimized flow channels make dispensing and priming even easier—particularly in instruments with large volumes. All seals have been eliminated, resulting in even fewer wearing parts to replace over time. A large variety of bottle adapters and accessories conform the Dispensette S to virtually any unpressurized application. For example, an easy-to-mount discharge tube is available with or without an integrated recirculation valve. Models are available for general purpose dispensing, organics and concentrated acids, and trace analysis.


The Bio360 Minifuge fits into any lab workstation and delivers versatility for the centrifugation of 1.5-mL/2.0-mL centrifuge tubes, 0.2-mL PCR tubes, and eight-tube strips. Useful for many laboratory samples, its operation is simple—close the lid to begin. Bio360 Minifuge comes installed with an eight-position microcentrifuge tube rotor. A second rotor for 0.2-mL PCR tubes and eight-tube strips is included in the convenient storage area under the mini-centrifuge base. When the strip rotor is not in use, this underside compartment prevents loss or misplacement of the rotor and adapters for the centrifugation of 0.5-mL tubes. With the Clik-N-Lok instant rotor attachment system, no tools or screws are required for rotor exchange—remove by simply pulling the rotor off of the motor shaft, and attach by pressing the rotor onto the shaft until the rotor clicks into place.

Cryogenic Storage Labels

Ordinary labels are not meant to be used in cold-storage conditions and can fall off or be ruined, risking sample mix-ups and content confusion. Bel-Art–SP Scienceware's Cryogenic Storage Labels feature a strong, permanent adhesive that will withstand cold-storage temperatures and maintain adhesion to glass, plastic, cardboard, and more—even in liquid nitrogen. Available in sheets, rolls, dots, or rectangles, in either white or assorted colors, they come blank and are customizable for each lab's needs. Sheets can be fed through a standard inkjet or laser printer using downloadable templates in Word format. Nonwater-soluble markers or pens are also suitable for writing directly on the labels.

PCR Workstations

Protect your PCR reactions from contamination. CBS Scientific's PCR Workstations are available in a variety of configurations to suit your research requirements. Choose from stainless-steel or black-formica work surfaces, fluorescent or UV light(s), and single- or double-door closures. A safety interlock automatically shuts off UV light when the hood is opened. A dead-air box protects against airborne or cross-contamination by limiting your experiment's exposure to the open lab environment. UV irradiation before experimentation protects the work area by blocking the replication of contaminating DNA sequences. With their ergonomic design and easy access, our workstations will help facilitate clean, consistent PCR reactions. Hinged tempered glass provides an excellent face shield, while integral timers and duplex outlets ensure accuracy, convenience, and safety for all lab technicians.

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