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Science  28 Apr 2017:
Vol. 356, Issue 6336, pp. 446
DOI: 10.1126/science.356.6336.446-a

Fume Hoods

Endeavour ductless fume hoods combine much of the advanced technology of AirClean Systems' Independence fume hood with the cost-effective backbone of AirClean Systems' AC4000 folding and sliding-sash ductless fume hoods. Endeavour hoods feature the AirSafe NXT automatic safety controller that increases or decreases blower speed to maintain the user's preset face velocity. AirSafe NXT also monitors the bonded carbon-filtration bed, alerting the user audibly and visually should filter saturation occur; it also displays the approved chemical class for the hood and waits for a confirmation from the user before allowing the hood to be used. An onboard energy meter accessed via AirSafe NXT displays the hood's real-time and lifetime energy use. Seamless, thermally welded polypropylene construction means the Endeavour will never rust, providing years of service life. It can be installed and used within minutes of being unpacked.

Electrophysiology Platforms

The Z-Deck range from Prior Scientific offers top-quality platforms designed specifically for upright microscopes used in electrophysiology and neuroscience applications, including the Nikon FN1, Olympus BX51WI or BX61WI, Zeiss Axio Examiner, and Leica DM6. Using the Z-Deck, you can switch between whole-organism and cellular-imaging heights in seconds. The platform design facilitates Köhler illumination experiments at a wide range of focus heights. For experiments demanding precise movements in the X and Y axes, the motorized Z-Deck with submicron resolution and Prior's patented Intelligent Scanning Technology provides unmatched accuracy and repeatability. At an entry-level price, the manual Z-Deck enables experiment movement using X- and Y-axis knobs. The fixed Z-Deck offers a robust, stable, and rapidly height-adjustable platform. The fixed and manual Z-Deck platforms have no motors requiring constant electrical silence.

Zika Virus Detection Kit

In response to the need for fast detection of the Zika virus, Vivantis has developed the ViPrimePLUS Zika Virus RT-qPCR kit. The Taqman probe-based real-time PCR assay has been developed for the detection of the Zika virus genome in clinical samples such as blood, serum, and urine. The kit contains primers and Taqman probes that target the polyprotein gene. In this one-step, real-time RT-PCR, reverse transcription (RT) of this viral RNA is combined with the quantitative PCR (qPCR) step in a single-tube reaction. This closed-tube assay reduces the chances of contamination and improves the test's sensitivity. The kit is included with International Extraction Control (IEC) as an inhibition control and positive control, giving researchers a more reliable quantification and confirmation of results. Zika is a type of Flaviviridae virus transmitted via Aedes species mosquito bites; it poses a potential threat to expecting mothers.

NGS Custom Cancer Panels

SureSeq myPanel NGS Custom Cancer Panels provide scientists with completely customized, preoptimized NGS probe panels relevant to their research. This comprehensive library of gene content covers key cancer types, including myeloid leukemias, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, ovarian cancer, and breast cancer. Utilizing hybridization-based capture, the panels provide uniform coverage through all target regions including intronic and splice sites, reducing the need for fill-in Sanger sequencing. Providing a much simpler and cost-effective solution, SureSeq Panels are able to deliver complete, uniform coverage of genes of interest, including those with high guanosine–cytosine (GC) content. The smaller panels also enable higher throughput and require minimal time for validation. As new probes are added by Oxford Gene Technology, these panels can be replaced or added to at a much lower cost compared to fixed panels, ensuring that the next step in research is unhindered.

Trace Gas Analyzer

IONICON has launched the PTR-TOF 4000, a high-resolution, real-time trace gas analyzer for low-concentration volatile organic compounds. It features the hexapole ION-GUIDE technology and a novel high-resolution time-of-flight (TOF) mass spectrometer. The results are an impressive mass resolution of up to 4000 m/Δm and a sensitivity of 200 cps/ppbv (counts per second per parts per billion by volume), with a low detection limit of below 5 pptv (parts per trillion by volume). The PTR-TOF 4000 has already been successfully deployed aboard NASA flying laboratories for air quality monitoring. The main scientific application areas include atmospheric chemistry, environmental research, exhaust analysis, food and flavor science, illicit substances detection, and breath-gas analysis.

Genome-Wide Knockout Cell Lysates

EdiGene Knockout Cell Lysates can be used to validate antibodies for specificity, or used as high-quality negative controls for Western blot analysis. Performance and specificity are critical for antibodies to be used effectively in research, diagnostic, and therapeutic applications, yet reagents to validate antibody specificity are currently lacking. These lysates are specifically designed to drastically improve the process by which antibody performance is verified and target specificity is confirmed. Derived mostly from HEK293T (human embryonic kidney 293T) and HeLa cell lines, EdiGene Knockout (KO) Cell Lysates have been optimized through the use of genome-editing technology and validated at the genomic level through PCR and Sanger sequence techniques to ensure the accuracy and knockout of the target gene. Each KO Cell Lysate product is sold in kit format consisting of a KO cell lysate and a parental cell lysate, which are immediately available from OriGene for the academic and industrial research markets.

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