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Science  28 Jul 2017:
Vol. 357, Issue 6349, pp. 418
DOI: 10.1126/science.357.6349.418

Storage Boxes

Eppendorf storage boxes offer a complete systems solution for the storage of laboratory samples. Using this comprehensive modular concept, the nine different box formats may be combined to provide optimum solutions to individual storage requirements. The outside dimensions of the boxes are compatible with common freezer rack systems. In addition, the different inner grid variants offer the perfect fit for all common vessel formats: cryogenic tubes (1 mL–5 mL), micro test tubes (0.5 mL–5 mL), conical tubes (15 mL and 50 mL), and other laboratory vessels. This space-saving approach, combined with the alphanumeric laser labeling of each individual sample position, will optimize sample storage and archiving in laboratories. 

Lab Vacuum Pump Exhaust Traps

Asynt has a post-pump adapter kit that enables its CondenSyn air condenser to be used as an effective exhaust trap for laboratory vacuum pumps. Rotary evaporators typically have an integral water or dry-ice condenser which, when combined with a well-controlled automatic vacuum pump, provides an effective trap for most solvent vapors. However, some solvent will always escape the condenser trap and make its way into the vacuum pump exhaust and out into the laboratory environment. CondenSyn's robust design is derived from a new borosilicate glass manufacturing technique and proprietary multiple hyperbolic profile, ensuring optimum heat removal as vapors pass along its length. It additionally incorporates a nonroll feature to help prevent accidents if left on a lab bench. Offering clear visibility of ongoing experimental reflux, CondenSyn is easy to clean and maintain.

Cellular Metabolism Research Products

AMS Biotechnology (AMSBIO) offers a range of proteins, antibodies, assays, and kits that cover every single target of major cellular metabolic pathways, including folate metabolism, pyruvate metabolism (with and without oxygen), citrate metabolism, O2 consumption and toxicity, oxidative stress, and fatty-acid oxidation measurement. Metabolic pathways allow organisms to grow and reproduce, maintain their structures, and respond to environmental changes. AMSBIO has assembled a comprehensive range of compartmental total proteins specifically isolated from the cell membrane, cytoplasm, cytoskeleton, nucleus, and mitochondria. These focused cell lysates are produced from human tissue as well as many mammalian species/tissue types. In addition, AMSBIO offers cost-effective, ready-to-use assays and ELISA kits for quick, high- quality detection of most of target proteins. These kits use unique technologies to study various research areas including apoptosis, DNA damage, oxidative stress, angiogenesis, enzyme activity, and cell migration.

CRISPR/Cas9 Vectors

OriGene provides new CRISPR vectors and tools to streamline your genome editing. Cas9-based genome editing has become a popular tool for targeted genome manipulation because of its simplicity and high cutting efficiency. This system requires a functional Cas9 protein and a guide RNA (gRNA) for effective double-stranded breakage at a desired site. OriGene has developed many CRISPR vectors, including all-in-one vectors that contain both gRNA and Cas9 expression; T7 vectors; and gRNA and Cas9 separate vectors. The company also designed a set of donor cassettes for construction of donor vectors. These include Luciferase-Loxp-Puro-Loxp, GFP-Loxp-Puro-Loxp, RFP-Loxp-BSD-Loxp, and BFP-Loxp-Neo-Loxp. Homologous arm sequences can be cloned flanking the donor cassettes. Some vectors have additional features, such as green fluorescent protein or CD4, to enrich transfected cells. Cas9 nickase can be used to decrease off-targeting.

CRISPR Knockout Library

Cellecta's 80K Genome-Wide CRISPR Knockout Pooled sgRNA Library was designed to be small enough to enable convenient genome-wide "dropout viability" screens with most standard human cell modules. The reduced library size (80,000 constructs targeting about 19,000 protein-coding genes) allows for a view of gene disruptions across the entire genome in a single screening experiment. With four single guide RNAs (sgRNAs) targeting each gene, the library has deep enough gene coverage to generate efficient results. The library contains over 200 µg of plasmid, also available as prepackaged lentiviral particles, as well as the following controls: standard nontargeting controls, nonspecific control (sgRNA targeting introns throughout the genome), and lethal sgRNA targeting generally essential genes (i.e., positive controls for dropout screens).

Antibody Conjugation Kit

The Innova Biosciences Conjugate Check&Go! Kit allows scientists to quickly confirm (in only 10 minutes) whether an antibody has been conjugated before moving on to further testing. The kit's key component is a nitrocellulose membrane containing a test line of immobilized Protein A and Protein G called a "half strip." Both proteins have a high affinity for the fragment crystallizable (Fc) region of a variety of immunoglobulin G molecules. When the antibody conjugate is run on the Conjugate Check&Go! half strip, it flows along the nitrocellulose, binding to the Protein A and Protein G concentrated on the test line. When the antibody is successfully conjugated to a colored label, a visible line appears on the half strip. The kit is compatible with conjugates generated using InnovaCoat GOLD nanoparticle and Latex conjugation technologies, and Innova's Lightning-Link fluorescent-dye labeling kits. The product will also work with other conjugation technology that uses colored labels.

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