Seasonal cycling in the gut microbiome of the Hadza hunter-gatherers of Tanzania

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Science  25 Aug 2017:
Vol. 357, Issue 6353, pp. 802-806
DOI: 10.1126/science.aan4834

Seasonal diets, seasonal microbiota

Among the Hadza of western Tanzania, a few hundred people still live in small groups as hunter-gatherers, reliant solely on the wild environment for food. Smits et al. found that the microbiota of these people reflects the seasonal availability of different types of food (see the Perspective by Peddada). Between seasons, striking differences were observed in their gut microbial communities, with some taxa apparently disappearing, only to reappear when the seasons turned. Further comparison of the Hadza microbiota with that of diverse urbanized peoples revealed distinctly different patterns of microbial community composition.

Science, this issue p. 802; see also p. 754

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