Harassment in science is real

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Science  08 Dec 2017:
Vol. 358, Issue 6368, pp. 1223
DOI: 10.1126/science.aar6134

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  • Controlling harassers by ancient martial arts in Japan
    • Keita Taniguchi, CEO, Zenta
    • Other Contributors:
      • Yoshiyasu Takefuji, Professor, Keio University

    Tobias Frenzel et al. (1) and Lydia Zepeda (2) showed the seriousness of harassment in science. It is important to practically train concrete-skills for managing harassers. In ancient martial arts before the Meiji era in Japan, one of the basic philosophies is for defending ourselves against enemies. It was used not only for the samurai who guards the monarch but also for women. Through understanding the human structure of the body and cognition, it will teach you the physical and psychological defense methods where you will never lose to opponents who are physically bigger and stronger than you (3,4). These essences had been studied and adopted by the military and special forces of the world (5).

    Muju-Shinken-Jutsu, one of the swordsmanship, was abstracted to the world of how to manage our unconsciousness by Sekiun (3). He emphasized being unpredictive or showing unpredictable behaviors to opponents. In order to be being unpredictive, you need maneuver yourself or your opponent's mind beyond swordsmanship. In order to show unpredictable behaviors toward the opponents, it is important for you to grasp the opponent's information channels and not to give any information to the opponent. If you would be showing unpredictable behaviors to your opponents, you can instantaneously make the opponent cataleptic and invite them to the altered states of consciousness (4,6). From that moment, you do not physically and mentally oppose your opponent with...

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  • Indiscriminate attack and imprinting from early childhood
    • Shino Iwami, Project Researcher, University of Jyväskylä

    Robin E. Bell and Lora S. Koenig wrote about sexual harassment courageously (1). Women cannot tell it, because they lose their career as shown in the #metoo tag on Twitter. Additionally, many women cannot even reach to sexual harassment in the academic career by a strong barrier of the society and family. Even fair men cannot stop it with a fear of their own damages. I saw that an attacker made seeming excuses for disturbing academic activities and several researchers were hunted in turn. When another researcher only tried to review research of a victim regardless of the harassment, the attacker's target shifted to the supporter.
    For some women, harassment starts within their family in their childhood. People who do harassment for women are not only men, but also older women. Edwards et al. described that mothers' university experience was an important factor for their daughter's admission to university (2). However, there is a counterexample. One mother encouraged her primary school daughter not to select the academic career, which was regarded as a male job, even though she had an experience to graduate from Kyoto University and her husband was a professor. As compensation for female higher education, the mother in 1970s had been required her own income and labor for her family, different from her brothers. Although her daughter succeeded in going to the undergraduate school in 1990s by persuading for almost ten years since the primary school, the mo...

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