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Science  12 Jan 2018:
Vol. 359, Issue 6372, pp. 242
DOI: 10.1126/science.359.6372.242

Western Blot Imaging System

The C-DiGit Blot Scanner gives you a digital replacement for film—keeping the advantages of film and eliminating many of the drawbacks (e.g., multiple exposures, waiting in line). Keep it on your lab bench, at your desk, or anywhere you choose. As the cost of film rises, the C-DiGit Blot Scanner gives you an affordable replacement option. The scanner's Image Studio imaging software is designed explicitly for chemiluminescent Western blots. You can acquire data using a standard or high-sensitivity setting to collect a single digital film image; this one data file contains a wide range of different "exposures" representing all options that would be available with film. Image Studio offers powerful, easy-to-use image analysis, and helps to resolve issues caused by film's limited ability to quantify. The C-DiGit is compatible with both Mac and PC systems as well as convenient image acquisition using iPad, iPhone, or iPod.

TQ-ICP-MS System

Thermo Scientific's easy-to-use iCAP TQ ICP-MS (triple quadrupole–inductively coupled plasma–mass spectrometry) system is designed to support ultralow detection limits and to overcome interferences common in challenging matrices. It provides reliable and reproducible data for a range of applications in fields such as metallurgy, clinical research, pharmaceutical compliance, environmental science, food safety, and geoscience. The system allows users to switch between single- and triple-quadrupole modes in a single multielement experiment, so that laboratories can keep their existing workflow and also add new capabilities over time. It requires minimal user maintenance and includes QCell flatapole technology, a small-volume collision/reaction cell with flatapole rods, and a dedicated gas-distribution unit for lab safety and maximum flexibility. The iCAP TQ ICP-MS also features self-aligning sample introduction components for reproducibility, and an ergonomic benchtop design with a compact footprint that saves valuable lab space. 

Fluorescence Illuminators

Whether you are observing fixed or live cells, X-Cite carries a complete range of lamps, LED microscope light sources, and fluorescence illumination systems to optimize imaging and ensure greater data reliability. These products are known for maximum stability and offer superior illumination uniformity for fluorescence microscopy applications, with lamp-based solutions that provide the convenience of prealigned, long-life lamps and easy installation. Delivering high-intensity LED illumination, the X-Cite XLED1, X-Cite 120LEDBoost, X-Cite 110LED, and X-Cite TURBO feature intuitive controls and no bulbs to install, making setup and operation simpler than ever. From our standard X-Cite 120Q model used for routine assays to our most advanced models, we have the ideal system for your application.

Imaging Flow Cytometer

The FlowSight Imaging Flow Cytometer stands apart from other flow cytometers by producing up to 12 images of each and every cell. It simultaneously produces darkfield (side scatter), brightfield, and up to 10 fluorescence images. The FlowSight operates at ~20X magnification, allowing visualization of fluorescence from the membrane, cytoplasm, or nucleus. Identifying cell conjugates or distinguishing single cells from doublets and debris is effortless—flow cytometry has never been so intuitive. A proprietary CCD camera, coupled with patented detection technology, yields fluorescence sensitivity at least 10 times that of photomultiplier tube (PMT)-based flow cytometers across all channels. The FlowSight is powerful enough for the core lab, but sized and priced for any lab. The system can be factory-configured or field-upgraded with up to four excitation lasers (405 nm, 488 nm, 561 nm, 642 nm), a 96-well plate AutoSampler, and powerful quantitative image processing. 

Biosimilar and R&D Support Service

AffinityImmuno research products are made for scientists by scientists. We offer custom and off-the-shelf R&D solutions and support services for biological drug discovery, biosimilars, and analytical methodologies. Our team has extensive experience with many aspects of immunogenicity testing, epitope and idiotype analysis, carbohydrate analysis, pharmacokinetic testing, and in vitro and in vivo drug testing. We specialize in antibodies, antibody lead discovery, protein engineering, and assay development for novel targets for cancer, autoimmunity, and endocrine disorders. 

qPCR Assays and Arrays

With our PrimePCR Assays and Arrays, we've designed, tested, and validated quantitative PCR (qPCR) primers and probes for your gene expression experiments. Our expertly designed primer/probe sets cover 12 genomes, while our PCR array plates have been curated for most biological pathways and diseases of interest. We've even bench-tested the primers and probes for every single human, mouse, and rat assay. See how you can eliminate at least four steps from your gene expression workflow using these assays.

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