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Science  02 Feb 2018:
Vol. 359, Issue 6375, pp. 598
DOI: 10.1126/science.359.6375.598-a

Apoptotic Cell-Free DNA Amplification Kit

The TruePrime apoptotic cell-free DNA amplification kit from SYGNIS enables accurate DNA amplification using cell-free DNA (cfDNA) obtained from plasma, serum, urine, cerebrospinal fluid, and many other bodily fluids. It uses a novel multiple displacement amplification method to overcome the common limitations with analysis of cfDNA from bodily fluids. By exponentially amplifying cfDNA derived from apoptosis (the cell-death mechanism), TruePrime kits provide users with excellent sensitivity, error-free amplification in high yields, and a streamlined workflow for reduced hands-on time. 

Tissue Fixatives

Poly Scientific R&D offers a line of specialty tissue fixatives. STU-IHC is a tissue preservative designed to give researchers gently fixed tissues that provide unimpeded access to epitopes for immunohistochemical visualization. STUMol is designed for researchers seeking maximum recovery of DNA, RNA, and proteins from source tissues; it is an excellent fixative to preserve tissue for cell harvest by laser-capture microdissection. STU-NGS is designed for those performing NGS studies of tumor tissue; yield and quantity of recovered DNA from STU-NGS fixed tissue exceeds that of formalin. STU-ONE is an all-purpose nonformaldehyde tissue fixative; unlike formalin or paraformaldehyde, STU-ONE does not denature DNA, RNA, and proteins. Poly Scientific R&D will manufacture any stain or reagent to your specifications and ship directly to your laboratory, not to a distributor's shelf.

Flow Cytometer

Designed and developed to remove common barriers associated with flow cytometry, the Attune NxT flow cytometer offers adaptable optical configuration options so you can get the most out of your multicolor analysis. The innovative combination of acoustic focusing technology, coupled with traditional hydrodynamic focusing, results in acquisition speeds up to 10X faster than those of other flow cytometers. Attune NxT is ideal for immunophenotyping and signaling studies, cell-cycle analysis, detection of rare events, stem-cell analysis, cancer and apoptosis studies, microbiological assays, and more. Its modular design offers the flexibility to meet your future requirements. Purchase what you need now and easily upgrade later. The instrument's small footprint requires minimal bench space—it can even be used in a cell culture hood. 

Mycoplasma Test Kit

The EZ-PCR Mycoplasma Test Kit is a highly sensitive, specific PCR-based assay designed to detect a broad range of mycoplasma species in cell cultures and other biological materials. This kit contains an optimized, complete PCR mix, including a variety of mycoplasma-specific primers, deoxyribonucleotide triphosphate (dNTP) mix, and Taq polymerase. With the kit's simple protocol and ready-to-use format, samples can be prepared and run in about 10 minutes, with accurate results seen in only a few hours. 

Tissue Clearing System

The X-CLARITY Tissue Clearing System is an all-in-one, easy-to-use solution for electrophoretic tissue clearing. Its unique design accelerates the removal of lipids from tissues while preserving the structural integrity of the sample. The X-CLARITY system can clear a whole mouse brain in just 6 hours, an astounding eight times faster than the original technology. Moreover, it successfully produces transparent tissues that are efficiently penetrated by and labeled with macromolecules such as antibodies or oligonucleotides. This capability allows for 3D imaging of large tissues at single-cell resolution.

Microplate for Microbial Research

The novel shape of the FlowerPlate microplate ensures turbulent mixing for biological suspensions and broths when incubated and shaken on a BioLector or BioLector Pro system. The flower shape acts similarly to baffles in shake flasks, and increases mixing and gas/liquid mass transfer. In addition to the unusual well shape—which is proprietary to this plate—the underside features a clear polystyrene base through which real-time physical measurements can be made during the shaking and incubation cycle, giving valuable kinetic information about these processes as they occur. The plates for online cultivations have a clear bottom and are available without optodes, with pH or dissolved oxygen (DO) optodes, or with both pH and DO optodes. The plates for offline cultivation are nontransparent.

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