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Science  27 Apr 2018:
Vol. 360, Issue 6387, pp. 454
DOI: 10.1126/science.360.6387.454-a

Entry-Level Heating Block Starter Kit

Asynt's DrySyn Classic Starter Kit gives you a great opportunity to experience the outstanding performance of this popular laboratory heating block, which is compatible with the most commonly used round-bottomed flask sizes (50 mL, 100 mL, 250 mL, 500 mL, and 1000 mL). Also included are Asynt heat-resistant handles that enable fast, easy, and safe lifting of your heated reaction flask. Used in combination with a standard hotplate stirrer, DrySyn Classic units are widely proven to outperform the heat-conducting properties of oil baths. They pose a far-lower fire risk and eliminate the messy, time-consuming task of removing residual oil contamination from the outside of your glassware. Their solid anodized aluminum construction delivers outstanding thermal and magnetic transfer efficiency and the durability suitable for use in any laboratory environment. Designed by chemists for chemists, DrySyn Classic units allow unhindered visibility of your reaction.

384-Well Filtration Plates

A range of 384-well filtration plates from Porvair Sciences has a unique drip geometry that provides unmatched sample recovery. By cleverly reshaping the drip director and giving it a compound curve structure, the new filtration plates virtually eliminate the traditional "hanging filtrate" effect, whereby surface tension causes excess filtrate to cling to the outside of the structure. In addition to improving total sample recovery, the new filtration-plate design helps minimize work-surface and sample contamination and improve productivity when used with automated liquid handlers. Available with four different membranes in a useful 140-µL volume, these microplates are made from high-grade polypropylene to minimize extractables. They are available with glass-fiber membranes in three different pore sizes (0.7 µm, 1.2 µm, and 5.0 µm) to enable optimum filtration for a wide range of high biomolecule-binding applications. 

Flow Cytometer

The BD LSRFortessa X-20 cell analyzer delivers high-performance, multicolor analysis with the most compact footprint in its class at 30 in. x 29 in. (76.2 cm × 73.7 cm) and a height of just 30 in. (76.2 cm). It can be configured with up to five lasers, enabling detection of up to 20 parameters simultaneously. The most common laser choices are blue, red, violet, yellow-green, and UV. Additional laser choices are available and may be configured at the time of purchase or at a later date to meet evolving application requirements. The unit is supported by a full range of BD Biosciences reagents, including the latest BD Horizon Brilliant Violet polymer conjugates. Based on the BD LSRFortessa analyzer, the BD LSRFortessa X-20 integrates the newest laser and light technologies in a greatly reduced footprint.

Ozone/UV Sterilizer

The CoolCLAVE Plus sterilizer supplies 20x to 25x more sterilization power than its popular predecessor (CoolCLAVE), by using the power of combined UV and ozone cycles plus a new heating function. It is highly effective in sterilizing—or keeping sterile—contaminated pipettes, pipette tips, gloves, plates, and small instruments as well as personal items like keys, glasses, and wallets. To disinfect items, simply place them inside the CoolCLAVE Plus and press the appropriate cycle button. The simultaneous ozone gas and UV light provide a powerful dual-sanitizing effect that can eliminate more than 98% of common pathogenic organisms (bacteria, fungus, virus) in just 30 min. The antimicrobial properties of ozone also eliminate odors produced by some organisms. Best of all, the CoolCLAVE Plus is safe and efficient, uses no harsh chemicals, does not damage any surfaces, and leaves no cleaning-chemical residues. 

Plasmid DNA Purification Kits

NucleoBond Xtra Maxi and Maxi Plus are anion-exchange plasmid purification kits based on the patented NucleoBond technology. The typical yields of >1,000 µg of ultrapure plasmid DNA can be obtained in about half of the time needed with other Maxi kits that use anion-exchange chromatography. The entire plasmid purification procedure takes 80 min with NucleoBond Xtra Maxi and 34 min with NucleoBond Xtra Maxi Plus. Specially designed column filters are inserted in the NucleoBond Xtra columns, allowing a convenient, time-saving parallel clarification of bacterial lysate and sample loading onto the column—minimizing the risk of clogging. The enlarged columns lead to lower silica resin beds and enable faster flow of lysate and buffers through the columns. Optimized buffer compositions result in improved alkaline lysis and increased column flow rates. The NucleoBond Finalizer technology replaces the tedious, time-consuming centrifugation step that follows every isopropanol precipitation of diluted DNA samples.

Mycoplasma PCR Detection Kits

e-Myco, e-Myco plus, and e-Myco VALiD Mycoplasma PCR Detection Kits greatly simplify testing and detection of mycoplasma contamination in cell cultures. With PCR testing, reliable results are obtained within a few hours, since the presence of contaminant mycoplasmas can be easily and sensitively detected by verifying the amplified DNA fragments after gel electrophoresis. These kits can identify the five most common cell culture–infecting species of mycoplasma, all the way down to 10 colony-forming units (CFU)/mL (e-Myco VALiD) and 20 CFU/mL (e-Myco and e-Myco plus). They also contain an internal control (primer set and template DNA) to identify false negatives caused by faulty PCR conditions, as well as 8-methoxypsoralen (8-MOP) to prevent cross-contamination by PCR products from earlier experiments. Each tube contains all the components for PCR (lyophilized) except for templates: DNA polymerase, deoxynucleotides, PCR buffer, primer sets, 8-MOP, and internal control. Just add your templates and perform PCR.

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