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Science  06 Jul 2018:
Vol. 361, Issue 6397, pp. 97
DOI: 10.1126/science.361.6397.97


Get the most from your requirements for routine and high-throughput ultraviolet-visible (UV-Vis)/Vis measurements. Built for demanding real-world applications, Thermo Scientific's rugged, compact GENESYS spectrophotometers are ideal for walk-up measurements, high-throughput QC/QA testing, research labs, or the classroom. Choose from UV-Vis or Vis configurations for single cuvette/test tube applications, quantitative analysis, multiple-cell changers, temperature control, remote sampling, double-beam reference cell design, or preprogrammed life science methods. All instruments feature superior performance, sampling convenience, and user-friendly operation and are built to withstand heavy use. A new line of accessories, including automated cell changers, a Peltier thermostatted cell holder, a disposable microcell holder, a sipper, and fiber optic probes, is designed to simplify sampling and accommodate high-throughput and temperature-control needs.

Filtered Hood

Latitude Series C Filtered Hoods from Mystaire provide biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies with an important safety solution when handling potentially harmful chemicals in particulate and/or liquid forms. Latitude maximizes user accessibility and incorporates redundant filtration for added safety and easy maintenance. Its design pulls potentially harmful particulate away from the operator's breathing zone in an even, horizontal airflow path, increasing particulate and vapor capture. The hood incorporates the Saf-T-Zone filtration system, which isolates the prefilter and main high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter during filter change out. The EverSafe microprocessor controller is standard on every hood, constantly monitoring your safety with advanced electronic sensors and removing any guesswork about whether the hood is protecting you.

Tube and Cuvette Racks

Eppendorf Tube and Cuvette Racks ensure user-friendly, efficient handling of clearly arranged samples. Their wavelike design supports clear visibility and allocation of vessels even when they are placed in different rows. All racks are stackable to save lab space when not in use. They are also UV-resistant, fully autoclavable, and have labeling surfaces to assist identification. Six different formats offer the optimal solution and perfect fit for all tubes and cuvettes commonly used in laboratories. These racks are ideal for sample processing and short- or medium-term sample storage. Able to withstand temperatures as low as –80°C, they can also be stored in a freezer. 

Microplate Support Mats and Deep-Well Plates

Designed to fit into the skirt of our deep-well plates, silicone impact support mats allow plates to be used in a centrifuge without risking plate distortion, cracking, or breaking that can result in well leakage and loss of valuable samples. Mats are now available for Porvair Sciences' square deep-well plates (2 mL, 1 mL, and 350 μL), round-well plates (2 mL and 1 mL), and range of large-volume deep-well plates. We offer a range of high-quality polypropylene deep-well plates for applications in cell biology, molecular biology, drug discovery, combinatorial chemistry, screening, and genomics. Manufactured under Class 10,000 conditions from ultrapure grade polypropylene, Porvair deep-well plates contain no contaminants that may leach out and affect stored samples or bacterial or cell growth. For sensitive biological applications, Porvair also offers a selection of 96-well deep-well plates that are available certified as RNase/DNase free.

Drug Screening Software

PerkinElmer Signals Screening solution is an intuitive, configurable, and flexible drug screening workflow using TIBCO Spotfire data visualization and analysis software. Signals Screening is an instrument-independent, image- and data-analysis, management, and aggregation platform offering "out-of-the-box" support for a complete screening workflow. Built on application program interfaces (APIs) and customizable workflows, the toolset allows R&D organizations to conduct data analysis, review, and reporting as well as compare data from different assay types and multiple platforms—all from a central location. Signals Screening quickly handles most instrument outputs, performs advanced data analysis in minutes, and processes data at the key stages of assay development, protocol execution, and automation, while offering integration with public or private data repositories and electronic lab notebooks.  

Acoustic Sample Management System

The Access Dual-Robot System (DRS) and the Echo 655T Liquid Handler are key components of a new acoustic sample management solution that will support the next generation of pharmaceutical drug discovery, which demands faster, high-throughput screens while requiring less sample. Acoustic liquid handling, pioneered by Labcyte, has been adopted across pharmaceutical sample management and screening programs for the dispensing of reagents in a wide variety of molecular and cellular assays. It uses the gentle energy of sound waves to move liquids in nanoliter increments with extremely high precision and accuracy. The technology is contactless, avoiding risks of sample carryover or cross-contamination, and reduces sample volume needs, leading to improved data quality, higher throughput, and lower assay costs.

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