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Science  13 Jul 2018:
Vol. 361, Issue 6398, pp. 194
DOI: 10.1126/science.361.6398.194

GMP Cytokines

PeproTech's PeproGMP Cytokines help researchers meet the challenges of cell therapies. They are manufactured and tested in compliance with U.S. Food and Drug Administration Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) regulations and the ISO 9001 quality management systems standard, without the use of animal-derived materials. This line of GMP cytokines is used in some of today's most exciting clinical and investigational efforts, from cell therapy to gene therapy to creating tissue-engineered products. PeproGMP Cytokines are not intended for direct administration to humans. 

Flow Reactor 

The FlowSyn is a fully integrated, continuous-flow reactor designed for easy, safe, and efficient operation. This two-channel benchtop system combines two high-pressure pump channels and two reactor modules in a single compact unit. Its high-resolution user interface quickly guides you through the process of setting up and running flow chemistry reactions. FlowSyn includes models for performing single or multiple homogeneous or heterogeneous reactions, either manually or automatically. Typical examples of flow chemistry applications include hydrogenation, nitration, bromination, metalation, molecular rearrangements, and synthesis of compounds such as dihydropyridine, indole, pyrazole, quinolinone, and benzimidazole. 

Clinical Genome Analysis Software Platform

Sapientia is a clinical genome analysis software platform that evaluates genome-scale DNA data to produce a comprehensive diagnostic report that can be linked to patients' symptoms, supporting clinical decision-making about rare genetic diseases. The platform is based on pioneering research from the UK's Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, National Health Service clinicians, and regional genetic testing laboratories. Its underlying technology has been validated by leading independent institutes and clinicians, including Genomics England. Sapientia is also being used for the advancement of personalized medicine by the global pharmaceutical industry to create disease registries, identify patient populations for clinical studies, and support the discovery of novel drug targets and biomarkers.

Library Prep Solution

Agilent Technologies' SureSelectXT HS is a complete research solution that provides total workflow management for laboratories, from quality control to target enrichment, to analysis and interpretation. SureSelectXT HS is a streamlined, high-sensitivity system, optimized for labs with a requirement to sequence DNA from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) samples, which may have degraded over time. By incorporating molecular barcodes to assist error correction, the system improves overall precision and produces higher-complexity libraries than competing products, on a broad range of tissue types and low- and high-quality FFPE samples. SureSelectXT HS libraries provide higher-percentage reads in targeted regions and use as little as 10 ng of starting DNA. Additionally, they offer faster, more efficient processing with master-mixed reagents that require less hands-on time, coupled with 90-minute hybridization—now enabling labs to move from sample to sequencer in a single day.

System Microscope

Olympus' BX53 microscope features an innovative LED light source that produces a light output greater than the 100-watt halogen reference, and does not introduce any color casting, providing a true representation of the sample. Users can clearly identify commonly used dyes in pathology and other life science applications. With a color temperature that stays constant, mimicking the halogen reference lamp, the BX53 saves time by not requiring users to adjust color filters. Its True Color LED brightness makes this the reference platform for multiple viewing head discussion systems—up to 26 observation heads can be connected. Its integrated Light Intensity Manager streamlines observations by immediately adjusting the LED brightness level when a user changes magnification. Users can specify and save their desired preset brightness levels at any time for each objective, and accessories allow the most comfortable positioning for objective change and camera snapshots. 

ddPCR Genome Edit Detection Assays

ddPCR Genome Edit Detection Assays offer a fast, precise, simple, and cost-effective method for detection of genome editing events. Assays can be obtained for any target using Bio-Rad's easy-to-use, intuitive Digital Assay Site. Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR) enables rapid assessment of homology-directed repair (HDR) and non-homology end-joining (NHEJ) edits generated by CRISPR/Cas9 or other genome editing tools, detection of editing events present at frequencies of <0.5%, absolute quantification of genome events from as little as 5 ng of total genomic DNA, and distinction between homozygous and heterozygous edits in clonal populations.

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