Orchestrating cortical brain development

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Science  24 Aug 2018:
Vol. 361, Issue 6404, pp. 754-755
DOI: 10.1126/science.aau7155

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The developing central nervous system (CNS) acquires its own vascular network via ingression of blood vessels as the neural tissue expands. The relationship between the vasculature and the stromal (glial) and neuronal cell components has been investigated in different regions of the developing CNS (1). On page 767 of this issue, Segarra et al. (2) explore how signaling at the interface of neurons, endothelial cells (which line the vasculature), and glial cells is integrated for proper brain development. This provides important mechanistic understanding of the cross-talk between the developing CNS and endothelial cells whereby the vasculature does much more than deliver oxygen and nutrients.