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Science  14 Sep 2018:
Vol. 361, Issue 6407, pp. 1130
DOI: 10.1126/science.361.6407.1130

2D Barcode Scanner

The DataPaq Mirage from Ziath is a camera-based, 2D barcode rack scanner that can be easily integrated with robotic liquid-handling systems as well as other laboratory automation solutions. It brings the benefits of a more sophisticated rack scanner to automation workflows for the same price as an old flatbed scanner. Most camera-based scanners are too tall for use on liquid-handling workstations; but the patent-pending technology of DataPaq Mirage uses a mirror to give the scanner a more compact design. Its low profile allows samples in Society for Biomolecular Screening (SBS) format racks to be efficiently scanned and recorded at the point of processing. 

Antibody Arrays

With the RayBiotech Biotin Label-Based Antibody Array (L-Series), researchers can obtain a broad, panoramic view of protein expression. Up to 1,000 target proteins can be detected simultaneously, including cytokines, chemokines, adipokines, growth factors, proteases, soluble receptors, and adhesion molecules, among others, making this array ideally suited for biomarker discovery studies and exploratory screens. Through a simple labeling process, the sample proteins are directly conjugated to biotin, eliminating the need for a second antibody to develop the array signals. In this format, unintended antibody interactions are impossible, thus eliminating limitations on the size of the array panel.

Gas Analyzers

Hiden Analytical's HPR-20 range of application-specific compact benchtop gas analyzers for dynamic measurement of in-process gas composition features precision quadrupole mass spectrometers with standard mass-range options between 200 amu and 300 amu, with options from 20 amu to 1,000 amu available for specialized applications. The HPR-20 EGA system is configured for fast-response evolved gas analysis (EGA) at near-atmospheric pressures using bypass capillary sampling, with sample consumption rates typically from 1 mL/min to 15 mL/min. The HPR-20 TMS transient mass spectrometer system offers the optimum response time for fast-event studies. The system uses a direct-pulse ion-counting detector with a 7-decade dynamic range, from 1 to 107 counts per second, and with the multichannel scalar option, provides a time resolution of just 50 ns. The HPR-20 R&D system is optimized for the researcher, including direct sampling options ranging from sample pressures up to 30 bar. 

Fluorescent ELISA Kits

CatchPoint SimpleStep ELISA (SSE) kits provide a simple, fast protocol with a single wash step and an assay time of 90 min or less. Their fluorescent substrate significantly improves linearity over an extended dynamic range when compared to horseradish peroxidase/TMB substrate, reducing the need for sample dilutions and allowing quantitation at lower protein concentrations, thus improving sensitivity. CatchPoint SSE kits are validated across a wide range of biological samples and optimized for Molecular Devices' microplate readers, delivering reproducible results across many different undiluted sample types on industry-leading instrumentation. The kits employ highly validated antibodies, most of which have been developed using Abcam's recombinant monoclonal antibody technology. Recombinant antibodies offer specificity and lot-to-lot reproducibility for consistent experimental results. CatchPoint SSE and SimpleStep colorimetric kits serve a variety of interests, including cancer, neuroscience, cardiovascular, and immunology research.

Quaternary Liquid Chromatograph

The Waters ACQUITY Arc Bio System is a versatile, quaternary liquid chromatograph specifically engineered to enable efficient transfer and improvement of bioseparation analytical methods regardless of the liquid chromatography (LC) platform on which the original method was developed. It is ideally suited to run reversed-phase, ion-exchange, size-exclusion, and hydrophobic-interaction LC methods with minimal carryover and maximum recovery of biomolecules. The system's flow paths are made of non-stainless steel and iron-free bioinert materials designed to minimize undesirable protein interactions and maximize system robustness under salt and pH extremes. What also sets the instrument apart is the unique Arc Multi-flow path technology, which delivers plug-and-play compatibility with HPLC or UHPLC methods through a selectable dwell volume, emulating the dwell volume of the original instrument. This feature minimizes the time required to redevelop methods from internal and external partners. 

High-Speed Spectrometer

The IRisF1 is a laser-based, infrared spectrometer that exploits the sensing performance of so-called "frequency combs" in the mid-infrared spectral region. As a result, the instrument offers high measurement speed (microsecond time resolution) with the high brightness of a laser-based instrument and a multicolor output. It is an alternative to Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectrometers that are often too slow for time-resolved applications. The IRisF1 enables high-throughput screening and analysis of strongly absorbing samples. For example, researchers can observe the folding or conformational changes of proteins in real time. 

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