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Science  28 Sep 2018:
Vol. 361, Issue 6409, pp. 1396
DOI: 10.1126/science.361.6409.1396-a

Transfection Reagent

Fuse-It-siRNA is a transfection reagent that enables rapid, efficient gene silencing with the highest biocompatibility, even in sensitive and difficult-to-transfect cells, such as primary keratinocytes. Using Fuse-It-siRNA, researchers can focus directly on the knockdown phenotype without being distracted by side effects of the transfection method, such as cell stress and toxicity. The principle is simple: The Fuse-It liposomal carrier, which includes small interfering RNA (siRNA), fuses with the cell membrane and then releases the siRNA directly into the cytoplasm. Thus, siRNA is immediately incorporated into the RNA-induced silencing complex (RISC), leading to efficient gene knockdown without the interfering processes of endocytosis or lysosomal degradation. Because it is based on the charge of natural cell membranes, Fuse-It-siRNA can be used with most cell types. Researchers performing knockdown studies in sensitive primary cells will greatly benefit from its extremely low cytotoxicity. 

ELISA Kit for Endotoxins

The EndoCAb ELISA has been developed for determination of endotoxin core antibodies in human plasma or serum in patients or healthy individuals. These antibodies play an important role in the clearance of pathogens in both disease and medical interventions. One hypothesis suggests that if patients' preoperative endogenous endotoxin-core antibody (EndoCAb) level is low or even moderately low, they may be unable to cope with the efflux of endotoxin, which may have mild to severe clinical consequences. The assay is of interest for various experimental conditions ranging from in vitro lipopolysaccharide neutralization by plasma components and in vivo studies on kinetics of antibodies to endotoxin levels in health and disease. The EndoCAb standard IgG, IgM, and IgA median units are arbitrary and are based on medians of ranges for 1,000 healthy adults in a particular locality. Users should establish appropriate local statistical controls for their studies. 

Multiplex DNA Reference Standard

Horizon Discovery's OncoSpan is a cell line–derived, multiplex DNA reference standard for validating NGS assays. It features 385 variants across 152 key cancer genes. OncoSpan uses bioinformatics and droplet digital PCR to help drive fast, easy, and more complete validation of oncology gene panels and exome sequencing assays. Horizon also offers OncoSpan customers an online companion NGS quality-control solution called OncoMatic, which enables them to upload OncoSpan NGS data after sequencing, automatically assessing the called variants, reporting on variant frequency data, and tracking several quality metrics per sample. The combination of OncoSpan and OncoMatic provides access to an accurate reference standard truth set for use during establishment and validation of critical NGS bioinformatics pipelines, saving costs and helping to maintain compliance with standards such as those set by the College of American Pathology and EuroGentest.

Real-Time PCR System

The AriaMx Real-Time PCR System combines a thermal cycler, an advanced optical system with an LED excitation source, and a complete data analysis software package. The instrument can hold up to six optics modules, and the scanning optics design delivers optimal separation between the dyes and between samples. It features a closed-tube PCR detection format compatible with a variety of fluorescence detection chemistries, such as SYBR Green and EvaGreen dyes, and fluorogenic probe systems including TaqMan probes. AriaMx amplifies your productivity with its unique modular and flexible design; intuitive touchscreen interface; advanced, easy-to-use reporting; and 120-plus attributes monitored via its onboard diagnostics, which pinpoint assay or instrument issues as they arise. Use AriaMx for a variety of research applications, including gene expression analysis, genotyping/high-resolution melt capability, mRNA quantification, NGS quantification (library prep, result validation), nucleic acid monitoring, and rare-allele detection.

Gene Expression Panels

nCounter Gene Expression Panels are developed in collaboration with leading researchers to deliver the most valuable, relevant panel content across applications, providing a highly multiplexed, simple workflow—with no library prep or dilutions needed, and just 15 min total hands-on time required. Address key challenges in immuno-oncology by measuring multianalyte expression levels simultaneously within the tumor, the immune system, and the tumor microenvironment all on one platform, with NanoString's 3D Biology Technology. nCounter Immunology, Inflammation, and Myeloid Panels are all designed to evaluate biomarkers associated with autoimmune diseases and can be customized with up to 30 additional user-defined genes. Furthermore, nCounter Immunology Panels are ideal for assessment of infectious disease immune response and for pathogen identification. 

Automated DNA/RNA Extraction

ExiPrep 16 Plus is a laboratory automation system able to extract DNA or RNA from various biological samples, including tissue, whole blood, serum, plasma, swab, bacteria, and yeast. It also features the ability to purify His-tagged recombinant proteins. The system can handle up to 16 samples at once and includes optimized extraction protocols for many sample types, giving you unsurpassed results from your nucleic acid or protein purification. ExiPrep 16 Plus has advanced features including an intuitive touchscreen, a UV sterilization cycle, and a unique contamination shield, each designed to provide an extra level of confidence in your findings.

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