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Science  18 Jan 2019:
Vol. 363, Issue 6424, pp. 298
DOI: 10.1126/science.363.6424.298

Eye Wash

Aero Emergency Eye Wash Solution is an all-in-one eye wash that combines sterile saline with a buffered, pH-neutralizing solution to not only rinse impurities and irritants from the eyes, but also help the eye return to a normal 7.4-pH level by quickly neutralizing corrosive chemicals. Along with the 16-oz. and 32-oz. sizes, we also offer 5-oz. and ½-oz. sizes that can be easily included in portable workstations or in pockets for high-risk situations. All bottles have easy-to-open quick twist tops for immediate access. A wall-mounting station that contains two 16-oz. bottles is also available. Aero Eye Wash has an expiration date of four years from the date of manufacture. It meets all FDA requirements for eye wash as per 21 CFR Part 349, and also meets the ANSI Z358.1-2009 standard (as a personal eye wash only).

Automation-Friendly Cell Growth Microplates

BactiGrowth is a range of specially packaged plates designed to enable high-yield growth of bacteria, yeast, mammalian, or insect cell lines. Precisely manufactured to conform to the automation-friendly ANSI/SBS format, BactiGrowth plates are available in plate formats from 24-well to 384-well and well volumes from 300 µL to 10 mL per well, to suit most cellular-growth applications. Produced under Class 10,000 cleanroom conditions from ultrapure-grade polypropylene, every batch of plates is rigorously tested to validate their contamination-free status, ensuring reproducibility and maintaining customer confidence in the cells you grow. BactiGrowth plates are supplied in packs of five with tight-fitting lids and sealed in a sterile polymer bag.

Chromatography Resin

CHT Ceramic Hydroxyapatite XT Media (CHT XT) is a calcium-affinity cation-exchange chromatography media. It is engineered with advanced technology, resulting in unique selectivity and robust, uniformly sized beads with excellent pressure-flow properties. The chemical composition of CHT XT is Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2, and it is a mixed-mode media. CHT XT provides unparalleled separation properties and resolution. It can be used in applications such as purification of enzymes, monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies of various classes, antibody fragments, and bispecific antibodies; efficient isolation and purification of viruses and virus-like particles; and separation of supercoiled DNA from linear duplexes as well as separation of single-stranded from double-stranded DNA. It is ideal for large-scale bioprocess applications. CHT XT Media delivers unique selectivity, efficient single-step clearance of aggregates and other impurities, high physical and chemical stability, and straightforward column packing.

Automated Western Blot Processor

BlotCycler by Precision Biosystems is designed to perform blocking, addition, and incubation of primary and secondary antibodies, and washing steps automatically. It features trays that can be configured to process up to 24 blots with six different primary and secondary antibodies simultaneously. Users simply add their antibodies and fill the BlotCycler tank with buffer solution, add blot membranes to processing trays, and select the protocol for blocking, incubation, and washing. With precise timing, BlotCycler distributes buffers and antibodies, and performs controlled agitation for consistent processing. When blots are removed, the automatic-cleaning protocol is employed for thorough cleaning. The system accommodates most blocking and incubation protocols, and laboratories can continue using the same reagents. BlotCycler can run multiple Western blots using two different protocols at once, performing all steps in precise, reproducible fashion to yield uniform assay results unattended by an operator.

sCMOS Camera for Astronomy and Physical Sciences

The Marana 4.2B-11 back-illuminated scientific complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (sCMOS) camera for astronomy and physical sciences features 95% quantum efficiency (QE) and market-leading vacuum cooling down to –45°C. It delivers up to 48 fps, perfectly suited to "dynamic astronomy" applications such as space-debris tracking, near-Earth-object detection, and solar astronomy. Marana 4.2B-11 combines a 4.2-megapixel-array format with 11-µm pixels, enabling an impressive 32-mm sensor diagonal. The full 2,048 × 2,048 array is accessed through implementation of Andor's unique Anti-Glow technology, meaning the full sensor area is usable across a wide range of exposure durations. A UV-enhanced option maximizes response across the wavelength region between 200 nm and 400 nm, enveloping both 266-nm and 355-nm laser lines and presenting a strong solution for applications such as wafer inspection and ultracold ion measurements. The hermetically sealed vacuum enclosure also uniquely protects the delicate and exposed sensor from attack by moisture and other gas contaminants, thus preserving both QE and cooling performance year after year.

Anti-Idiopathic Reagents

Avacta has expanded its catalog of anti-idiotypic (ID) reagents to include the therapeutic targets adalimumab, ipilimumab, and rituximab. All anti-ID Affimer reagents have been developed in collaboration with leading clinical research organizations and pharmaceutical companies. They offer several benefits, including (1) highly specific and sensitive recognition of your therapeutic antibody with a generic detection system to overcome the need for bridging assays and to simplify assay setup; (2) low matrix effect to ensure assay performance within a range of complex samples, and (3) batch-to-batch consistency assuring security of supply. Avacta's custom anti-ID development service offers rapid development of reagents, with no affinity maturation needed.

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