Pantropical climate interactions

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Science  01 Mar 2019:
Vol. 363, Issue 6430, eaav4236
DOI: 10.1126/science.aav4236

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vol. 363 no. 6430

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    Author Information

    1. Wenju Cai1,2,
    2. Lixin Wu1,*,
    3. Matthieu Lengaigne3,4,
    4. Tim Li5,
    5. Shayne McGregor6,7,
    6. Jong-Seong Kug8,
    7. Jin-Yi Yu9,
    8. Malte F. Stuecker10,11,
    9. Agus Santoso2,12,
    10. Xichen Li13,
    11. Yoo-Geun Ham14,
    12. Yoshimitsu Chikamoto15,
    13. Benjamin Ng2,
    14. Michael J. McPhaden16,
    15. Yan Du17,18,
    16. Dietmar Dommenget19,
    17. Fan Jia20,
    18. Jules B. Kajtar21,
    19. Noel Keenlyside22,23,
    20. Xiaopei Lin1,
    21. Jing-Jia Luo24,
    22. Marta Martín-Rey25,26,
    23. Yohan Ruprich-Robert27,
    24. Guojian Wang1,2,
    25. Shang-Ping Xie28,
    26. Yun Yang29,
    27. Sarah M. Kang30,
    28. Jun-Young Choi14,
    29. Bolan Gan1,
    30. Geon-Il Kim8,
    31. Chang-Eun Kim8,
    32. Sunyoung Kim8,
    33. Jeong-Hwan Kim14,
    34. Ping Chang31
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    1. *Corresponding author. Email: lxwu{at}


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