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Science  05 Apr 2019:
Vol. 364, Issue 6435, pp. 94
DOI: 10.1126/science.364.6435.94

Automated Pipetting Robot

The Liquid Handling Station flow (LHS flow) is BrandTech Scientific's pipetting robot for applications where samples must be protected from particles and microorganisms. The integrated FlowBox directs the filtered air flow in laminar, horizontal layers across the consumables on the worktable. With the door closed, the air volume inside the cabinet is replaced 260 times per hour and exits through openings in the front door. The BRAND LHS flow is a compact benchtop instrument featuring seven working positions and five available liquid ends in single-channel volumes up to 1,000 µL and multichannel volumes up to 300 µL. Equipped with a wide variety of accessories, this flexible system moves liquids between reservoirs, tubes, and plates, and is ideal for applications such as cell culture, PCR setup, and cherry picking. The LHS flow is supplied with user-friendly software—liquid handling protocols are created easily.

Amino Acid Analysis Kit

Bring mass spectrometry detection to amino acid analysis with the Kairos Amino Acid Kit. With this LC/MS-based kit, it is easier than ever to get fast, precise results. Kairos consists of reagents, standards, an analytical column, and associated methodology that can cut analytical run times from 2 h or more to 10 min or less when used as directed with supported Waters UPLC systems, mass spectrometers, and Waters Targeted Omics Method Library. It comes with everything needed to consistently quantify 40 or more amino acids. The kit is fully automated, with manual options for physiological samples in both high-throughput (500+ samples) and lower-throughput (100+ samples) amino acid analysis. Built on AccQTag reaction chemistry, Kairos makes retesting of samples a breeze.

Semi-Automated Tube Picker

The Mohawk Semi-Automated Tube Picker from Ziath sets a new standard for frozen or thawed sample-tube picking from 96-position racks. It has been designed to work right out of the box and needs no calibration. Instrument control is through user-friendly software that provides an intuitive interface for easy operation. Tubes can be picked from a single rack, or a picklist can be set up to select tubes across multiple racks. Picklist operations normally start with reading the one-dimensional (1D) code on a rack placed onto Mohawk, but manual selection is also possible. For extra sample tracking and security, Mohawk can be connected directly to a 2D-barcode scanner for tube confirmation. In this mode it can also generate picklists directly from the tube barcodes. For further traceability, a 1D-scanner for reading the rack barcode is included as standard.

Flow Cytometer

The ZE5 Cell Analyzer from Bio-Rad is an automation-ready flow cytometer capable of accommodating a wide range of experimental complexities and throughput needs. Its fully integrated sample loader, combined with its ability to handle various types of tubes or plates without an instrument hardware change, gives you walk-away functionality 24/7. Offering event rates >100,000 cells/s and the ability to design up to 27 color panels, the ZE5 helps researchers glean more results from rare cell populations in less time using their most precious samples, making it invaluable for understanding the complexity of biology and disease.

High-Power LED Photoreactor

The PhotoSyn high-power photoreactor light module for continuous flow chemistry from Uniqsis is now available with alternative LED array configurations that make it compatible with a broader range of photochemical reactions. The operating wavelengths of the three LED array configurations are blue (455 nm), blue-green-white (455 nm, 530 nm, and 420 nm–700 nm), and UVA-blue (365 nm and 455 nm). The curved, water-cooled LED arrays in the PhotoSyn maximize photon intensity and concentrate the available light on the independently temperature-controlled central coil reactor. PhotoSyn incorporates a cooling fan to reduce undesirable radiative heating of the flow reactor, and is engineered to prevent potentially hazardous light emissions from the unit. The PhotoSyn is also protected with safety interlocks that deactivate the light source and protect the user if any attempt is made to remove the cover while in use. Reactions may be run from 150°C down to subambient temperatures, depending on the power of the cooling unit used. The variable power supply allows the lamp power output to be adjusted from 10%–100%, making the unit suitable for both small-scale R&D and scale-up applications.

Microfluidic Systems

Dolomite Microfluidics offers a range of high-performance microfluidic systems for producing precision-engineered monodisperse droplets ranging from 1 nm to 500 µm in diameter. Our systems put the production of monodisperse droplets, emulsions, double emulsions, bubbles, and complex particles within your grasp and are used in a wide range of applications in food and cosmetics, biology, drug delivery, and chemistry. To scale up production, our highly flexible Telos system removes the low-throughput limitations of single-channel microfluidic chips, enabling liters of droplets, emulsions, or particles to be produced daily.


FastScan ELISA kits let you move quickly through research and discovery phases. We've identified optimal antibody pairs and done the assay development and validation upfront to ensure your results are accurate across the lifetime of your discovery project—from target validation through preclinical stages. Our ready-to-go kits use a simple protocol that easily integrates into your current processes and budget, streamlines assay transfer, and lets you detect targets in as little as 90 min. This single-wash assay protocol reduces hands-on time and assay complexity. The kits have been validated for specificity and accuracy across biological sample types, and for reproducibility across lots and users. Integrated controls are provided to ensure assay performance. Check out the current FastScan kit lineup. We'll be adding new kits on a regular basis, so if you don't see what you're looking for now, check back soon!

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