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Science  08 Nov 2019:
Vol. 366, Issue 6466, pp. 759
DOI: 10.1126/science.366.6466.759

Objective Positioner

Prior Scientific announces the NanoScan OP400, a piezo-based objective positioner. The OP400 is compatible with most microscopes and objective lenses, and has a range of optimized settings for different objective sizes, weights, and performance needs. It is designed to deliver superior positioning with the fastest step settle and recovery time between Z stacks, providing enhanced time resolution. The system can be used as a stand-alone objective positioner or can be interfaced with other Prior products via Prior's ProScan III controller.

Microscope Cameras

ZEISS introduces four high-quality complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) cameras for digital imaging in light microscopy. The ZEISS Axiocam 705 color and 712 color microscope cameras deliver the best possible image quality for histology, pathology, or material research and analysis, thanks to excellent color rendition and greatly improved dynamic range. The ZEISS Axiocam 705 mono and 712 mono are ideal for demanding fluorescence live-cell imaging, with fast frame rates and high dynamic range. In addition, their extended near-infrared sensitivity allows for deeper insights into sample structures. The ZEISS Axiocam 705 mono and 705 color are 5-megapixel cameras optimized for fast speed and high dynamic range. With 12 megapixels, which greatly reduces the need for stitching, the ZEISS Axiocam 712 mono and 712 color are ideal for acquiring large samples.

Triggering Systems

Specialised Imaging is a leading supplier of high-performance triggering systems that enable capture of high-quality images from ultrafast events. The OT3 employs an array of 12 diodes with a 700-nm cutoff filter, to limit the spectral response range to between 300 nm and 700 nm. To simplify a velocity measurement or projectile position detection, the SST1 is a reliable optical "skyscreen"-style trigger when used with an SI Tracker, Velocity Trap, or similar systems. Pressure waves from explosions or a projectile bow shock wave can be detected by the AT1, which is a dependable, inherently robust acoustic trigger for high-speed video cameras or rate-of-fire measurement. Our OT3, SST1, and AT1 triggers are compact, battery-powered units housed within rugged enclosures so they can be used outside in all weather and independent of grid power for up to 8 h.

OGI Camera for Hazardous Locations

The FLIR GFx320 optical gas imaging (OGI) camera visualizes fugitive hydrocarbon leaks at natural gas well sites, offshore platforms, liquid natural gas terminals, and more. With its superior resolution, thermal sensitivity, and the option of our High Sensitivity Mode, the GFx320 allows surveyors to visualize leaks, which can help them pinpoint the exact source of an emission and begin repairs immediately. The GFx320 can also accurately measure temperatures, including temperature differentials, and improve visual contrast for better gas plume detection. In addition, FLIR designed the GFx320 with ergonomic features, such as the articulating LCD screen, to help surveyors avoid fatigue even during all-day surveys.

Portable Eye Tracker

Tobii Pro introduces Tobii Pro Fusion—a portable, powerful eye tracker for scientific research. It is an ultralight peripheral device that can be connected to any screen via USB. This device lets more people participate in eye-tracking studies and allows researchers to be nimbler when studying human behavior outside the lab, in fields such as psychology, developmental studies, medical research, cognitive science, and neuroscience. Its stereoscopic system with two eye-tracking cameras tolerates larger degrees of head movement and makes Tobii Pro Fusion ideal for studies with children or any subject that can't sit still. Tobii Pro Fusion also has bright and dark pupil illumination, which results in superior tracking robustness regardless of eye shapes, ethnicity, or age. Software compatibility with Tobii Pro Lab gives researchers a comprehensive research tool, from the design phase all the way through the data collection and analysis phase.


The McPherson Model 207 spectrometer offers high brightness over a broad spectral range. With the use of custom, gold-coated optics or magnesium fluoride coatings optimized for the ultraviolet (UV), it excels at measurements from the deep UV, through visible wavelengths, and into the long-wave infrared (IR). The Model 207V (a vacuum version) even allows use into the vacuum UV (VUV) and VIR wavelengths. Both versions of the instrument are ideal for use in tunable light source systems for illumination, imaging, and spectroscopy. The combination of off-axis parabolic mirrors with either model makes this an ideal system for small compact images, such as those used with Raman spectroscopy, small laser-excited sources, or imaging detectors. Other features include our Snap-In diffraction gratings optimized for spectral resolution and/or wavelength-range coverage. Gratings are available to cover wavelength ranges from 105 nm to 100 μm. For charge-coupled devices, the Model 207 has an accessible 50-mm-wide focal plane as well as precise, durable slits for coupling free-space or fiber optics.

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