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Science  29 Nov 2019:
Vol. 366, Issue 6469, pp. 1157
DOI: 10.1126/science.366.6469.1157

Western Blot Processor

Scientists seeking reproducible Western blot assays can do so reliably using BlotCycler Mini, a hands-free Western blot processing system. By automating the blocking, primary and secondary antibody binding, and washing steps, the system consistently delivers a strong signal with low background. Users simply add reagents and antibody to the tanks and place their blots in the trays. BlotCycler Mini is equipped with two trays and can process from one to eight blots with two different primary and secondary antibodies simultaneously. Blocking time (from 10 min to 120 h), washing steps, addition of antibodies, and incubation time are programmable using the system's touch-screen. BlotCycler Mini works with new and established protocols, uses standard reagents, requires about 17.25 in x 10.25 in of bench space, and works with standard electrical power.


The Teleshake 95 heater/shaker module is now available for use with the BRAND Liquid Handling Station pipetting robots. The heater/shaker module can be heated up to 90°C depending on the labware material. It can also be used to shake samples with rotation speeds from 100 rpm to 1,900 rpm. The heater and shaker is compatible with microplates; PCR plates, strips, and tubes; and some low-profile reservoirs and polypropylene plates. Adapter plates are available for different consumables.

Cell Labeling Kits

Spend more time on your science and less time making cell lines with System Biosciences' (SBI's) Lenti-Labeler Lentivector Constructs. These constructs are available with a range of reporters (GFP, RFP, BFP, luciferase), selection markers (puro, blast), and promoters (CMV, EF1α). Perfect for cell tracking, high-throughput assays, and more, SBI's Lenti-Labeler Constructs are a reliable way to generate fluorescent- and luciferase-labeled cell lines. Available as either fully propagatable, sequence-verified plasmid DNA or ready-to-transduce prepackaged lentivirus, all Lenti-Labeler constructs are designed for reliability, so you can get to valuable insights faster.

RNA-Seq Library Prep Kit

Zymo Research introduces its total RNA-Seq library prep kit, which allows users to go from sample to sequencer in a single day. This probe-free technology makes RiboFree total RNA libraries from any organism in as little as 3.5 h. It also depletes ribosomal RNA (rRNA) and globin from any RNA source. Zymo-Seq RiboFree Total RNA Library Kit minimizes the number of reagents and steps needed to generate stranded, rRNA-depleted total RNA-Seq libraries.

Artificial Intelligence for Chemistry Projects

Augmented Chemistry software and services from Optibrium bring groundbreaking artificial intelligence technologies that continuously learn from all available data to supplement your experience and skills. We are delighted to announce the first component of the Augmented Chemistry platform, a unique deep-learning capability called Alchemite that has already been demonstrated to provide more ac-curate, more confident results than conventional predictive models. Developed in an exclusive partnership with Intellegens, Alchemite deep learning brings unparalleled modeling capabilities that learn simultaneously across all experimental endpoints in your project or corporate database, even based on limited data. Confidently identify your most valuable compounds and the most important experi-ments to perform. Fill in the gaps in your database with confident results to target high-quality compounds. Run virtual screens to find new starting points for your projects.

Matrix for Organoid Culture

Corning's new Matrigel matrix for organoid culture is a ready-to-use solution formulated to support organoid growth and differentiation. Each lot is measured for its elastic modulus, which is indicative of matrix stiffness. Additionally, each lot is qualified to form stable 3D dome structures commonly used in organoid culture. The matrix has been demonstrated to successfully grow mouse and human organoids from both healthy and diseased cell origins. It reduces the need for time-consuming screening, while providing the reproducibility and consistency essential for organoid research.

Liquid Handling Pipette Tip Filters

Porvair Sciences introduces a range of Liquid Handling Pipette Tip Filters that block out aerosol and liquid contaminants. Using its proprietary Vyon porous plastics, the new pipette tip filters are fully compliant with U.S. FDA, U.S. Pharmacopeia Class VI, and European Pharmacopoeia statutory regulations as well as being free from heavy metals. Manufacturing to tight tolerances with an excellent edge finish ensures that these filters always provide an optimum fit into pipette tips, enabling labs to routinely achieve superior liquid handling and dispensing.

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