Graduate students under pressure

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Science  06 Dec 2019:
Vol. 366, Issue 6470, pp. 1210-1211
DOI: 10.1126/science.366.6470.1210-g

Although graduate student mental health is a topical issue, there is little empirical research on the subject. Hish et al. used a stress process model to examine the roles of mastery and social support as mediators of stress. Using a validated self-report measure of stress, data relating to stress-burnout and stress-depression relationships were collected from biomedical graduate students. Linear regression models showed that academic stressors were most predictive of burnout, whereas depressive symptoms were best predicted by family and monetary stressors. Furthermore, the relationship between stress and burnout was partially mediated by mastery and advisor support, whereas the stress-depression relationship was partially mediated by mastery, suggesting that future interventions might focus on enhancing mastery and/or improving advisor relationships.

CBE Life Sci. Ed. 18, ar51 (2019).

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