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Science  10 Jan 2020:
Vol. 367, Issue 6474, pp. 218
DOI: 10.1126/science.367.6474.218-a

High-Pressure Reactor Array

Asynt has developed a novel high-pressure reactor array that integrates directly with their Integrity 10 Reaction Station, enabling scientists to undertake up to 10 independently pressurized reactions (up to 100 barg [bar gauge]) in parallel. The Integrity 10 is designed to carry out parallel reactions, each with independent temperature control between –30°C and +150°C, making it perfect for design of experiments (DoE) testing. Integrity 10 maximizes efficiency and saves precious fume hood space. The system is manufactured as standard from durable 316 Stainless Steel, but Asynt can also fabricate it from exotic alloys such as Hastelloy or Inconel.

3D Cell Culture Scaffolds

Mimetix scaffolds mimic the extracellular matrix, providing an ideal architectural environment to support the growth of cells in 3D. They are created by electrospinning medical-grade polymer poly(L-lactide) (PLLA) into microfibers, which are highly consistent with regard to fiber diameter and pore size, resulting in excellent reproducibility of cell-based assays. Mimetix aligned microfiber scaffolds provide a physical structure for the 3D culture of cells from tissues such as the central nervous system, skeletal muscle, and heart, where orientation influences cell growth and behavior. The Mimetix scaffold is incorporated into standard SBS footprint well-plate frames (12- and 96-well) with bases having superior optical clarity and minimal base distortion. The aligned scaffolds are thin enough to allow microscopic imaging. Mimetix scaffolds are available in two formats: Aligned (parallel fibers with a scaffold depth of 2μm–4 μm) and Randomly Oriented (mimics the extracellular matrix with a scaffold depth of 50 μm).

Microscopy Camera

Andor Technology (Andor) announces the launch of Sona 4.2B-6, a new model in the ultrasensitive back-illuminated Sona microscopy camera series. The 4.2B-6 provides a superbly balanced combination of sensitivity, speed, and resolution, suiting it perfectly to the needs of the most challenging microscopy applications. The new camera features a 4.2-megapixel sensor format with a 6.5-µm pixel size. This format is suited to obtaining maximum resolution from the commonly used 60x and 40x objective lens magnifications. The 4.2B-6 also features a low-noise mode that uses correlated multisampling to reduce noise while maintaining frame rates and the low exposure times that are vital for studying live cells. Dynamic cellular processes can be captured by its high-speed imaging capabilities─up to an impressive 74 fps for full-range 16-bit images. This camera is important for the growing number of applications that use measurements over time or change in fluorescence intensity levels to make determinations on rates, concentrations, or spatial position, such as fluorescence resonance energy transfer, ion signaling, gene expression analysis, or localization-based superresolution.

Food Sample Tracker

The Ziath Track and Trace starter kit contains everything an organization needs to start up and maintain enhanced food-sample integrity, tracking, and audit trails. The new starter kit combines top-quality 2D-coded sample storage tubes, 48-position Society for Biomolecular Screening (SBS) format tube racks, and a high-performance single-tube 2D barcode scanner. Also included is the Ziath Samples sample management software, which allows you to organize your food sample inventory, making setting up a traceable record of food samples very straightforward.

Custom Beamsplitters

Optical Surfaces supplies single-to-OEM quantities of high-precision, custom beamsplitters to a growing number of spectroscopy, interferometry, and imaging instrument manufacturers worldwide. The optimal beamsplitter can take on many forms, including cubes, plates, hexagons, pentagons, polarizing, nonpolarizing, or wedge designs, in a wide variety of reflection/transmission ratios and substrates depending upon your application. Drawing on over 50 years of experience, our technical experts can advise you on the key beamsplitter parameters to consider, including wavelength range, physical size, and polarization—and if used in an interferometer, path-length and phase-matching requirements. Optical Surfaces' custom beamsplitters offer outstanding flatness and parallel specifications, and are typically manufactured to a surface accuracy of lambda/20 p-v (peak to valley) at 633 nm, a surface quality of 10/5, and microroughness of less than 1.2 nm rms (root mean square). Supplied mounted or unmounted, they can be enhanced with an extensive range of coatings designed to operate at your required angle of incidence.

Portable GC/MS

HAPSITE ER is the only person-portable gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer (GC/MS) that requires minimal training to deliver qualitative and quantitative lab-quality results—in the field, in less than 10 min. All the operator has to do is push a button to begin identifying and quantifying volatile organic compounds, toxic industrial chemicals, toxic industrial materials, chemical warfare agents, and select semivolatile organic compounds. HAPSITE ER can identify analytes in the ppm (parts per million)–ppt (parts per trillion) range. The GC column provides sharp chromatography and excellent resolution. During the quantitation process, the front panel clearly displays what chemicals are present, their concentration, and access to information regarding the degree of danger—to help make quick decisions affecting life, health, and public safety.

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