17 January 2020
Vol 367, Issue 6475

About The Cover

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COVER Translucently colored nucleus of a mammalian cerebellar granule neuron. This 3D rendering illustrates the specific heterochromatin subdomain type defined by the overlap of histones imaged by electron microscopy (EM) and cryogenic super-resolution fluorescence microscopy. A thin translucent shell surrounding the nucleus represents the nuclear membrane, and a thin slab of 3D-rendered EM data (gray) slices through the nucleus. The circles at lower right are cross-sectional views of mitochondria. See page eaaz5357.
Image: D. Hoffman, G. Shtengel, E. Betzig, H. Hess, Janelia Research Campus; K. Campbell, D. Stabley, D. Solecki, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital